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create curve text in canva

Creating curved text in Canva has been a long awaited feature. Thousands of designers are doing a happy dance as they create graphics with text that arches forming a U shape, waves of letters, and snake shaped sentences. 

The designs, creations, graphics, and images that can be created with a simple elemental feature are exciting.  Use the points of the curve to follow the line of an asset or element while creating a word that describes or pertains to that element. 

Canva has once again made your projects easier. You don’t need a curve generator app or use Photoshop to bend text into a half circle. 


Add movement to your curved text

Creating curves is only half the fun.  Adding Canva’s Effects to your text will add spice and zest to your curved writings.  Whether you want to alter the font with glitch, hollow, or lift effects, or simply change the font type, size, or color, Canva’s Effects make it possible to make something attention grabbing and amazing.  

Watch the video to find out how to add animation to your text. This new feature enables you to add animation to text and / or elements in your project. Animation and video are all the rage as consumers engage with content that delves beyond static images to provide an amazing user experience. 

What if the curve I need doesn't follow the canva curve?

If your text needs to follow a path that is not a perfect curve you will need to go back to basics. Meaning, create a curve the way curves were created before the Canva CURVE. 

Sounds like a tongue twister!  It really is quite easy and will make perfect sense. Simply think of each letter as its own piece. 

For example, if I have the word Canva, each letter will move on it’s own. 

Watch and see. 

Canva isn't just curved text

Adding curve to text and wording is just one thing that you can do with Canva. Besides creating arches and bends in text, you can add photos, graphics, and elements to your projects to make amazing works of art.  

As a small business entrepreneur you need to create on brand business and marketing materials all the time. 

Canva Pro enables you to save your logo, font, and color palette for easy access and design creation.  Save your designs to folders where you can refer, edit, send, or print, at a later time. 

My favorite feature is the background eraser. I love to take photos, remove the background, and create a collage with new backgrounds and elements. 

Besides designing graphics, Canva’s latest development allows you to schedule designs (content) to your social media platforms , including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. To learn more about Canva’s Content Planner click here

If you are new to Canva, I say Welcome! You will love it’s design capabilities! Read Design Your Own Graphics In Canva, for a quick introduction to the design tool. 

Drop a note in the comments and let me know what you love about Canva. 

– Jenn

Find out how Canva can help you design amazing graphics. 

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