Create Amazing Presentations Using Canva

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Creating presentations with canva


Designing presentations has never been easier or more fun!  Find out how using Canva to design presentations will take your slideshow aesthetic and engagement up a notch. 

There will be no snoozing in this presentation! 

Your audience will compliment you on your attention grabbing presentation design. 

“Most people tune out of a PowerPoint presentation after 10 minutes.” –Visme. Don’t be a victim of PowerPoint presentations! 

Using Canva you can create presentations online for FREE. You can also share a link to your presentation to be viewed or edited by other members of your organization or business. 

Presentation design - why use canva?

Canva makes it easy to design presentations for hundreds of personal and business projects. With their wide array of presentation templates, a marketer has a head start as well as inspiration for creating their presentation.
“47% of presenters take more than 8 hours to design their presentations” according to Visme. Don’t you have more important things to do than design a presentation? Please Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, at no extra cost to you. I will NOT suggest any link who I do not believe to be a great business!

How to create a presentation

presentations with canva
There are a couple ways that you can go to create a new presentation. Create a presentation by clicking the presentations link under 'design anything', under the 'templates' drop down, or search in 'create a design'.
presentations with canva
You can also design a presentation from 'scratch'.
presentations with canva
You will be presented with a wide array of template choices, including categories. We will review some of these options below.

Presentation Templates

Discover a professionally styled template created for your niche or create your own slideshow using elements from Canva’s tool box. 

Find presentation templates, including, brainstorming, pitch decks, keynote, and listings, just to name a few.  

Presentation categories include but are not limited to categories such as education, events, marketing, business start up, real estate listing, pitch deck, and sales, just to name a few.

Regular presentation templates are 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

presentations with Canva
Standard Presentation

Talking Presentation

Canva’s talking presentations lets you create the slideshow and then ‘present and record’ your audio plus slides. A talking presentation allows you to ‘get it right’ during a recording, rather than presenting live online. Talking presentations are great for people who don’t like to video themselves on ‘live’ presentations. 

Talking presentations are 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

Talking presentations
To create a talking presentation go to the three dots (...), then down to 'present and record'.
presentations with canva
Click 'go to recording studio'.
presentations with Canva
Setup your recording workspace. Choose whether you would like to include the face camera or just audio. Choose type of microphone.
presentations with canva
Add notes, see slides, and pause / stop recording.
presentations with canva
Once you have stopped recording, Canva will ask what you would like to do with your recorded presentation. You can copy the link to paste to others to view, download the presentation, save and exit the recording studio, or discard to start over.

Mobile-friendly presentation

Mobile-friendly presentations are great when you know your audience is watching your presentation from their mobile device. 

According to Techjury “more than 75% of all video views come from mobile devices”. When planning your presentation,  you should be considering this statistic in your presentation strategy. 

Similarly, Biteable states, one of the “most common types of videos made by marketers  are presentations” at “65%”! 

In other words, you should consider (very strongly) about designing your presentation around a mobile-friendly presentation template. 

Mobile presentations are 1080 x 1920 pixels. 



Presentation (4:3)

This type of presentation template is primarily for tablet devices.  If you are using devices such as ipads for your presentations, use this presentation format. 


 A 4:3 presentation template is 1024 x 768 pixels. 

presentations with canva
4:3 presentations are great for tablet presentations.

Brainstorm Presentation

Brainstorming presentations are great for team collaborations. Team members can participate in real time. Team members can be invited to brainstorm and add input. 

Brainstorm presentations are fun as participants respond on moveable sticky notes in real time. 

When creating and sending a brainstorm presentation be sure to share the project as an edit. 

A brainstorm presentation is 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

brainstorming presentation
A brainstorming presentation . This particular example has 16 pages. You can add or remove slides based on your needs and wants.
Canva Pro for Presentations
Invite team members to participate and collaborate. (See further down. How to create and invite Teams / Teammates).

share your presentation

Presentations created in Canva can be shared with your team, added to an email, or posted on Facebook. 

Presentations can also be edited in real time by other team members for quick and easy collaboration. 

The person / people who have been invited to the presentation will get an email notification. 

For more about Teams in Canva click here. 

share presentations in canva
Share presentations with team members. Team members can edit, use as a template, or view the presentation.

presenting with canva

Presenting with Canva is easy. Choose how you would like to present and what you may need when you are presenting. 

Presenting Options

- Standard - If you choose Standard as your Present type this means that the presentation will proceed when you are ready.

- Autoplay - Autoplay is when the presentation will play at a pace set by you automatically.

- Presenter - Presenter view is a great option allowing the presenter to view presentation notes and slide order.

presentations with canva

Arrange the Presenter Window

presentations with canva
Arrange the presenting windows to best suit your presentation. With this view you can see your screen as well as what your audience will see.

Presenter Notes

presentations with canva
Have your notes displayed right in front of you on screen. Present your presentation seamlessly while reading your screen prompt.

Magic Shortcuts

presentations with canva
Use these shortcuts during your presentation to grab attention and engage your audience.

Canva Live

presentations with canva
Go Live with Canva.
presentations with canva
When Presenting in Canva Live, a code is generated that can be given to the audience to log into the presentation.
presentations with canva

A presentation timer will show the presentation time on the screen. For more information about Canva Live please click here

Incredible Presentations in canva

If you have opted to use one of Canva’s over 2,000 presentation templates you will want to edit the slides according to your brand colors, font, and graphics. 

Note: when sharing projects between team members, if the project has been created in a Canva Pro account, the brand kit elements will carry over to the Canva FREE account. 

Brand Kit

Before having ventured off into creating presentations, you may have set up a Brand Kit for your brand from the Canva Home page.  Brand kit features are available in Canva Pro. 

Your Brand Kit contains your brand colors, fonts, and logos. The brand kit makes accessing and adapting brand essentials to designs, templates, and graphics, easy and painless. 

In the example below, I have chosen a presentation that needs to be in my brand colors. 

Canva presentations for business
This is the default slide, consisting of default slide colors / fonts.
Canva presentations for business
Click on the different color palettes to alter the slide with brand colors. You can also change the font by clicking the fonts tab and clicking your brand font. Click apply to all to all the color / font change to all slides in the project.

presentation Graphics

Every presentation needs attention grabbing graphics. 

Visme states, “41% of presenters find it challenging to find and use great visuals in their presentations”. Lucky for us, Canva’s photo and elements libraries, carry millions of images and graphics that can be used by Free and Pro accounts. 

Integrate relevant photos and elements into your presentation to grab attention and create engaging content. 

*When creating presentations you want your slides to be amazing but also simple. Don’t write your presentation script on your presentation slides. You can use the notes feature to assist in presenting the presentation.  


Not only can you add engaging graphics but you can also add effects to those graphics and up the ante on all things attention grabbing. 

Effects include but are not limited to:

– background remover

– Add animation

– Add text enhancement

– Smartmockup options

– Frames

– and much more

All of the effects in Canva work to make your project more enticing, attention grabbing, and engaging. 

Visme states, “effective presentations are 55% non-verbal communication”. 

The arrow sticker below helps to draw your eye to the focal point of the message. Canva also has animated graphics such as numbers, letters, flashing shapes, and much more! 

In the above graphic you can grab attention with the animation of the of the coffee and the typing text across the slide. Use the background eraser, frames, and video to add  creativity and engagement. 

Canva Scheduler

Use Canva’s content scheduler to schedule your social media posts, Pinterest pins, and other social platforms. You can also schedule your presentations! 

canva scheduler for presentations
Click the three dots (...) to scroll down and click Schedule.
canva scheduler for presentations
Choose your desired platform. Once you have scheduled your content, you can always go back and edit content before the content posts.

To find out more about Canva’s Scheduler read, Social Media Post Planner, Canva’s Social Media Scheduler. 

FREE Canva Account / upgrade to pro free for 30 days!

Another amazing thing about Canva is that many of the basic features of the design tool are free.  

In this case, you can create presentations, add elements, effects, and photos, and collaborate in real time with others in your business. 

When you first sign up for a Free Canva account you can upgrade for a 30 day trial of Canva Pro. I highly recommend you try the Pro version before dismissing the amazing features. 

To find out more about Canva Free Vs. Canva Pro read, Design Your Own Graphics Using Canva


Can't stop, won't stop

Designing with Canva is not only fun but effective and efficient in designing personal and professional branded designs. 

Sign up for Canva and start designing a life you love! 

Questions or Comments please leave them below, or email me at


Thanks for stopping by!

– Jenn

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