Design Your Own Graphics Using Canva

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Whether you are a start up small business, an entrepreneur, a PTA Mom, or a student, there are occasions when you need a graphic design tool that will help you create and design something that looks amazing. 

As a PTA Mom, teacher, or student, you may need to create posters for after school events, eye catching book report presentations, or flyers for fundraising activities.  By utilizing the templates and features that are built into Canva, you will have everyone asking where you found such amazing talent. 

As a business you may need to design a wealth of marketing materials. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, website, the list goes on and for all of these outlets we need to create and design graphics that correlate to our content. You already know that graphics, such as photos, infographics, and video are taking over the internet. If your visual content isn’t eye catching, scroll stopping, and time worthy, you may as well not post anything. 

Do you panic or do you open up your go to app and start creating? You don’t need to be tech savvy to start using these visual content programs. A little practice and you’ll be good as gold. You also don’t need to be a graphic designer. Learn the basics and you will find out what works and what doesn’t work for you and your business. 

Scrolling through your feed you stop at what grabs your attention. This is what you want when your customers are thumbing through your content. If you design your own graphics you have the freedom to manipulate the images and content according to your changing needs and wants (without paying thousands of dollars to a graphic designer). 

Design Your Own Graphics With Canva

Canva is a great visual content marketing tool for creating graphics for many bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. Canva allows you to create designs with the click of a few buttons.  The list is extensive as to what you can create; social media posts, website images, printable materials such as business cards, flyers, and media kits.  As you become familiar with Canva and the ease of creating your own visual content you will love to design your own graphics. 

Canva Free Vs. Canva Monthly

Canva has a basic version that is FREE and a paid version, Canva Pro, which requires a monthly fee. I love Canva’s features, especially Canva Pro. There are features in Pro that just can not be done in the basic version. 

Wherever you see a gold crown indicates that the feature is a Premium feature and you must upgrade to Canva Pro to use it. 

Amazing content can be created from Canva’s app or from a web browser.  The desktop version has features that can not be found in the app. One amazing feature is the remove background tool that will remove the background from images to make a white crisp clean image. 

Create Your Brand With Canva’ Brand Kit

I love that Canva has a brand kit section for customers that use Canva Pro. You can create palettes for brand colors and select your brand fonts. You can also add your logo for quick reference later. (Did I also mention you can create your logo?) I told you, you can do so much in Canva! 

Templates in Canva

When you first start designing your content you may want to begin with one of the over 8000 pre-made templates already in Canva.  There are a plethora of templates that you can use to create Pinterest graphics to Greeting cards.  There are over 100 design types to help you find what options are available that pertain to your needs and wants. 

Canva FREE comes with a collection of over images that you can switch out with the current graphics. When you sign up for Canva Pro you will get over 60 million high quality images and graphics that you can insert into the templates to replace the default image. You can also upload your own photos into templates and your own 

Once you choose your media type, you will see the corresponding templates or you can click on the plus and add your own.  From here you can click and edit, while incorporating your branding and unique style. 

Resizing from Canva – A Pro feature

As a Pro member you can resize your graphics from one medium to another with the click of a button.  As you create your consistent brand content, you can resize images to fit your desired medium. If I create an Instagram post I can ‘resize’ the post for the ultimate Pinterest size without having to recreate the entire graphic. 

I have recently designed my logo, Instagram Highlights, Pinterest pins, and website graphics all using Canva. See the screenshot below. 

Saving from Canva

Share your design directly from the app or browser or save them as a jpg., pdf., or png. As a business, it is great to have all of these features in one location. When saving from Canva FREE you can save but you can not change the file type size. For instance if you want the highest quality save possible, you can not increase to the highest size and quality. 

All Your Designs

 I love that Canva saves all my designs so that I can refer back as well as edit. 


If you have opted into the Canva Pro version you will be able to create folders within Canva to organize your work. I think that this feature is a great organizing tool! I can separate my work into different clients, mediums, or topics.  

Video And Animation with Canva

Besides graphics, video and animation as visual content is taking its own place in the world of content creation. You can now grab attention with informational videos and animated logos! Creating eye catching video graphics will stop your readers and encourage them to click your image to find out what else you have to say. 

Have Fun With Canva 

After a couple days of creating designs you will be a pro and be able to whip out visual content in a matter of minutes.  Canva really is an amazing visual content graphics tool for novice designers.  I highly recommend Canva Pro if you are looking to establish brand content and brand consistency. Remember that you want cohesion in your graphics to build familiarity with your audience. 

If you still don’t want to design your own graphics I am here to help. Email me for further details! I love to create pins for Pinterest as well as other marketing materials! I would to help you develop  your business  and brand visual content. 

Best of luck designing,

Xoxo, Jenn

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