What Are Fresh Pins on Pinterest?

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Fresh pins have been the topic of intense discussion amongst Pinterest creators over the past year. Pinterest wants FRESH PINS!

Pinterest has declared they want fresh, never seen before content on their search and discovery platform. They don’t want pinners to search Pinterest only to find the same content and the same looking pins over and over. Honestly, if you are searching Pinterest for something don’t you want to find new information?

What does that mean? What are FRESH PINS?

Fresh pins have been the buzz word for the past several months in the Pinterest and blogging community. Find out exactly what qualifies as a Pinterest fresh pin and how to optimize your own pins.

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What Does Pinterest Want?

Pinterest favors fresh pins, in other words, fresh content on the Pinterest platform.

It’s time for an analogy. Picture it like this.

You wash your favorite comfy sweater, pull it out of the dryer, and it smells like lavender (those Downey lavender pearl drops, if you know what I’m talking about). You put your sweater on Monday morning for your trip to the market.

[Fresh Pin, New Url]

On Tuesday, you have no idea what to wear and you think about your favorite sweater that you wore yesterday. You smell it and you can still smell the lavender. Heck, throw that sweater on (nobody you actually know saw you yesterday anyways!)

[Fresh Pin, Same Url as before]

Wednesday you forget you have an appointment, throw on your favorite sweater, that no longer has that sweet fragrance of lavender and run out the door.

[Same Pin, Same Url]

Let’s take a closer look.

Types of Fresh Pins

  • New URL
  • New Pin / New image / Keywords but an old Url

I Need to Write New Blog Posts

Are you panicking yet?

No, you do not need to write new blog posts all the time. You need to …

Create new pins with new images but it’s more than that! (More on that later)

New Url Fresh Pins – Never Seen Before On Pinterest

When you write a new blog post, add a new pin to post to Pinterest for the first time, that is a fresh pin to a fresh url.

That first pin that you have ever posted to Pinterest, that Pinterest has never, ever seen, is the freshest of the fresh. You can’t get any fresher!

New Pins – Fresh Pins

In the real world, most of us, can not write a new blog post every day. It’s just not reality. By now your stomach is sinking because you have no idea what you should do to make fresh pins.

New pins have new images and can come from a previously used url. It’s not the freshest of fresh, but its good.

So, lets find out, how we can get as fresh as possible.

What should I post to Pinterest?

Fresh pins!

New Images / New Graphics

New Images and graphics are one of the best things you can do to create fresh pins for your Pinterest strategy.

Use Canva, Over, PicMonkey or a similar design tool to create amazing fresh pins for your content. Design tools also have photos, graphics, and video in their software that can be added to the design to make great pins.

Canva has a FREE version if you would like to check it out. If you would like to read more about Canva read, Design Your Own Graphics Using Canva.

You can also check out stock photo sites or take your own photos for never seen before images that you can integrate into your pin design to create fresh new content.

New Video

Video is up and coming in the social media world. Video is attention grabbing and scroll stopping. If you are a food blogger (with cheesy potatoes) video making your casserole or take pics of the ingredients and make them an image or a slide show.

Design tools also offer stock video that you can integrate into your fresh pin content.

New Text Overlay plus New Graphic

A text overlay is the text you put over your image to drive your point across to your audience as well as to help get found on the Pinterest platform. Your image may make them stop, look, and click, but what you say on your pin (as well as in your title and description) will get you the traffic.

Pinterest Fresh Pin Design

Whether you are creating a fresh pin with a new url or a fresh pin to the same url, you need to use Pinterest pin design guidelines for your Pinterest pins. It’s easier than you think. If you aren’t sure about Pinterest pin design guidelines read, Pinterest Pin Design.

Pinterest Fresh Pin Keywords

While you are making new fresh pins, update your Pinterest keywords on your text overlay. Make sure your pins have a Title and Description that will help your audience find your content on the Pinterest platform. If you are unclear on how to find Pinterest keywords read, Pinterest Keyword Search. Grow Your Pinterest with Keyword Placement, will tell you where you need to put your keywords to optimize your Pinterest.

New Fresh Audience

Who else will your content appeal to besides who you are already targeting? Maybe your cheesy scalloped potatoes can also be targeted towards moms who want to make a filling meal for their family? How else can you use the cheesy scalloped potatoes? What else can you pair with them? Are there any special occasions they would be perfect for?

What else can I do?

Post your pins to relevant boards. As a matter of fact, post your pin to the first most relevant board and schedule out from there. Each board thereafter helps Pinterest understand what your pin is about and who should be shown your pin.

For example, if you are a food blogger and you are blogging about cheesy scalloped potatoes, pin that to your potatoe recipe board first. You can then schedule it to your other recipe boards that would include this type of recipe, i.e. cheese recipes?

Don’t schedule to second most relevant boards too close to the first. Give it time and space. If you are using Tailwind as your scheduling tool, it will default to 7 days.

More of the latest in Pinterest News

Tailwind had an amazing Facebook Live last month, November 2020, about Pinterest’s current to dos and omgs. Read, Pinterest Best Practices 2020 for more information.

If you want to get all you can out of Pinterest you need to adapt your Pinterest marketing strategy to Pinterest’s needs and wants as well as your audiences needs and wants.

Need More Help

If you are looking for a top notch Pinterest course that will help you develop a personalized strategy for your business check out Jennifer Priest’s course, Smart Creative Social. You will love this course. Jennifer provides support while you learn to adapt your unique business to Pinterest.

Let me know what I can do to help you succeed on Pinterest! For pin design services check out my shop for more inspiration.

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