Boss Lady Gift Guide

Boss Lady Gift Guide

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Gift buying can sometimes be a pain in the you know what! I, however, am here to help you out! Find out the best gifts to get that hard to buy for boss lady, lady CEO, small business entrepreneur,  or always on the go Best Friend. This boss lady gift guide gives you boss lady gift ideas that will have everyone wishing you had them for the Secret Santa.

Whether you are looking for something practical or something that will encourage her to chill the f out, I?ve got a little of it all!

A lot of times the perfect gift is right around the corner. You may open your Amazon Prime account and think, ?well, hell?s bells, what do I get my hard working, small business owner bff, for fill in the blank occasion??  I?ve got it planned out for you. Just click and go.

1. Gem Water Inspiration Water Bottle

We all need a little extra creative inspiration. Whether we need to write a blog post, stage a photo shoot, or create a new landing page, we need motivation to get the job done. Let this gemstone water bottle encourage inspiration. It will be a much appreciated and very alluring gift.

2. Rachel hollis 2 book collection

Motivate and inspire with this Rachel Hollis 2 book collection.  With her ?get it girl? attitude, Rachel lets women know how it is and how to do it better. Her self help books are well received by women all over the world. Give the gift of empowerment and share the inspiration. Be prepared to laugh with her at all the funny moments. 

3. Frazier Fir Reed Diffuser

If you haven?t had the privilege to breathe in the aroma of this enticing Frazier fir, A combination of Siberian fir, cedar wood, and sandalwood,  its time you do. Share the love and relax to this ?smells like the holidays? fragrance. 

4. Amazon Gift Card

Hesitant on what to gift? Give the gift of a gift card. An Amazon gift card can be used on anything the recipient wants. Wrap it up in a box with a bow, slide it into a card, or tie it onto the string of a wine bottle and it will make a beautiful, practical gift. 

5. Starbuck?s Gift Card

If you can?t find something at Starbuck?s to indulge then you would be the only one where a Starbuck?s gift card is not practical or appreciated. Especially if you are one of those 500 calorie drink consumers, a Starbuck?s gift card is a gift from God.  Let her drink her favorite drink and give the gift of happiness. 

6. Apple Gift Card

Apple gift cards are awesome and can be used for all things Apple related. What more could you ask for? Use this gift card for movies, apps, products, or accessories. A perfect give for any Apple fan! 

7. Apple Ipad

 If you have an extra special entrepreneur in your life, a new Apple iPad Pro would be greatly appreciated. An Apple IPad Pro is great for almost everything that you can do on a computer. I love the simplicity of an ipad. I can quickly open it up and get to work! Whether you want to design graphics or check out Facebook, an Apple Ipad has it all!

8. Apple MacBook Pro

Share the gift of technology. If that lady boss is a creative give the latest in laptop advancements. Optimize performance and design with great products.

9. Starbuck?s Coffee 

 I?d love to stop at a Starbuck?s every morning, but let?s face it, that just isn?t gonna happen. Starbuck?s coffee can be gifted and brewed at home. All of us lady bosses need that caffeine to kick it into high gear, this coffee is the answer.

10. Cuisinart SS

 Brew a cup at a time all day long with this Cuisinart Coffee Maker. Staying caffeinated is often part of the job, make it easier to stay on task with a fabulous new Coffee Maker.

11. Veken French Press Coffee

 Have you ever used a French Press? I love that a French press gives you strong coffee.

12. Boss Lady Gift Set 

 This super cute Boss Lady Gift Set includes a variety of indulgent gifts for the hard work boss lady. Gift her a Boss Lady wine glass with leakproof lid, wine stopper, bottle opener, and wine socks. Make it complete an add a bottle of wine.

13. UGG Boots 

Keeping cozy at home or on the go is something we all need in the winter. Keep your tootsies warm in these UGG women?s classic cardy boots. Women?s UGG boots pair well with leggings or skinny jeans and are great for casual outings and lounging around at home.  Slip on these warm women?s boots and you will look and feel great. 

14. Chunky Knit Blanket 

These popular chunky knit blankets are to die for. Cuddle up With a glass of wine and let your cares float away. Not only are these chunky knit blankets super soft but they are also great for home decor.  Lay this out on your bed or draped over the couch for a fabulous chic look. 

15. Peepers 

These Peepers are great reader glasses. What?s great is that they are also available in blue light filtering frames.  Blue light filtering frames are great for looking at devices such as computer, phones, and laptops. Besides being practical and good for the eyes, Peepers look great on your face.  A perfect accessory! If your lady boss needs a pair of specs Reading glasses, Peepers also has various magnification strengths to make seeing up close a breeze. 

16. Bar

A 4 sided rectangle necklace is perfect for the boss lady who is also a jewelry lover who has kids, Has favorite sayings, loves quotes, and adores all things engraved.  This gift is more personalized and is sentimental.  Definitely a thoughtful gift for any Lady CEO. 

17. USA Silk Face Masks

Silk face masks are great for the skin. Wearing masks all day long traps moisture and bacteria under the mask on the skin. Silk masks help to minimize the ?maskne? and soothe and comfort the skin. 

18. Hercules Tuff Charging station

If your house is like mine, we have wires and devices galore. This handy dandy charging station is perfect to keep all devices in one place and all the cords neat and untangled.  No more searching for cords or looking for your device. 

19. Boss Lady Planner

A new year means a new planner. Set her up with a planner for the coming year and next. Perfect to keep all those important dates and to dos on the calendar for future reference. Keep family and business commitments all in once place. 

20. Canva Membership

A Canva membership is great for the creative entrepreneur.  Canva is a wonderful design tool for anyone needing to design and create anything from business cards to Instagram graphics. The possibilities for Canva are endless. To find out how to use Canva read ?Design Your Own Graphics Using Canva.? 

21. Tailwind Membership

 A Tailwind membership is the perfect addition for any blogger (or online business) that wants to batch content and schedule it directly to Pinterest without scheduling one at a time. Tailwind, a Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler, takes the hassle out of posting Pinterest and social media content. Tailwind allows you to spread your content to different relative boards throughout Pinterest while also sharing your content to ?Tailwind Tribes? who will also share your content. Save time and energy using the Tailwind scheduling and creative platform.


22. SEMRush Membership

 Finding keywords for SEO optimization can often be tedious and painful. SEMrush helps you to find keywords that are Perfect for your business. SEO is one of the most important things that a business needs to get traffic to their website. If your Lady Boss is looking to optimize her website consider an SEMrush membership. She will love all of the possibilities. To find out more about the importance of keywords in Pinterest check out ?Pinterest Keyword Search?.

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23. Beast 30 oz Tumbler

Hot or cold drink will stay at the perfect temperature in this Beast 30 oz tumbler. Things often get busy and our coffee gets neglected. Keep it hot while keeping busy. 

24. 24 ounce Tumbler

We are all trying to get our water in on a daily basis. Stay motivated with this 24 oz tumbler. This tumbler is inspirational and will keep you hydrated all day. 


25. Fun Wine Glasses

Wine glasses with fun sayings are always fun gifts. Include a bottle of wine and you?ve got the perfect gift for a lady boss who loves her wine! 

Give the Gift of Fun

It?s always fun to give a gift and see how much joy and appreciation it brings. This list of 25 best gifts for boss ladies will bring endless smiles.

Comment below and let me know what you think would be the best gift to get?

As always, thanks for reading!

Xoxo. Jenn

Please Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, at no extra cost to you. I will NOT suggest any link who I do not believe to be a great business!

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