Gifts for the work at home mom

Work at Home Mom Gift Guide

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Since March of 2020, many of us have taken to homeschooling our kiddos, while also working from home. Cramming meetings in during nap times and hoping that your five year old doesn?t have A blood curdling tantrum because he didn?t get that piece of candy during your zoom meeting. You give in because its five minutes of silence … if you are lucky.

I?ve spent a lot of time trying to come up with things for my now five year old to do. We used to go to the mall playground, the library, or a friend?s house. Now we have no choice but to play at the park or inside the house.

The work at home mom needs something to keep her kiddos busy. She also needs some tips, tricks, and stress relief in order to do both jobs effectively and efficiently. I hope you love these work from home mom gifts and that this gift guide will help you find the perfect gifts.

I?ve listed some amazing gifts for mom and some awesome gifts to keep the little ones busy (also a gift for mom)!

Gifts For the Work At Home Mom

Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

This is definitely a little indulgent but moms need coffee. A cappuccino machine will give her the energy to keep going. Keeping up those resilient kids and the never ending workload is a job for an army. Coffee items make perfect gifts for work at home moms. And it better make strong coffee!

Boise Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Shhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Because sometimes you need to concentrate and listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one more time will inspire blog posts of Donald and Goofy.

Silence the room with a Boise Noise Cancelling wireless Bluetooth headphones. A great gift for the work at home mom that needs quiet in order to focus on a task.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods are perfect for multitasking moms. You can wear these while walking around the house on conference calls or getting your kids another bowl of cereal.

These portable earbuds are convenient and practical. Mom can also use them for exercise or watching movies from her ipad.

Natrol Melatonin

A nice gift basket with some wine, warm socks, and a cozy sweater topped off with some melatonin. Fall asleep and wake up refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day has in store.

I know all too well, that a bad nights sleep does not make for a pleasant mom. Help yourself fall asleep and stay asleep.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

This is so cliche but I love my Dyson and I would definitely ask for it as a gift. This vacuum is awesome! It is multipurpose and that?s what a mom needs. Spilled cereal? Pet hair? Dirt? This Dyson will do its job. It also has interchangeable parts so that you can reach corners (or spiders)!

Make moms life a little easier! This Dyson makes the work at home moms day a bit less messy!

Peepers Blue Light Reading Glasses

Peepers blue light reading glasses are perfect for anyone looking at an electronic device all day long! This includes mobile devices, computers, and iPads.

My Peepers are actually blue light and reading glasses. I get the best of both worlds when I?m working.

Ugg Boots

These Ugg boots are so warm and will keep you cozy and cute all winter long.

Keep your feet comfy and toasty while sitting at your desk or running errands around town.

These look great paired with leggings or skinny jeans.

VitaJuwel Crystal Water Bottle With Gemstones

Love this Vita Juwel Crystal Water Bottle with Gemstones. These water bottles are fused with vitalizing gemstones to balance your chakra. You will be calm, balanced, and relaxed. We all know, moms need some powerful elements to chill out!

Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silver

Jewelry is always a moms best friend. Monogram necklaces as well as children?s name necklaces are so fun and sentimental.

You can never go wrong with thoughtful jewelry. You will certainly make the work at home moms day with this beautiful gift.

Gifts For The Kids of The Work At Home Mom

Play-Doh Builder Gingerbread House

Working from home means keeping the little ones busy while you can get s*** done.

I love this Play-Doh gingerbread house! It?s super cute for the holidays and will keep children busy creating For hours. (Well, atleast 15 minutes)!

Play Kitchen Sink

This is one of my favorites. Kids love to play pretend and this kitchen sink has it all. Fill the base with water and the faucet will filter the water with running water. Kids think this is awesome and so much fun!

Put a towel under the sink and set your little one free to explore and play while you get some work done.

Kindle Fire Tablet

An electronic device doesn?t have to be just games and movies. The kindle fire offers a ton of fun learning apps that will keep kids busy and entertained.

The work from home mom needs time to do her work and a Kindle Fire tablet with learning apps will give you the opportunity to do that.

Lite Bright

This one brings me back to my childhood. As little girls my sister and I loved the Lite Brite. Give them a little bit of nostalgia. They can use the templates provide or use their imaginations to create fun, cute designs.

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad

These Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads are so fun. Your child can create different scenes with sea life, animals, and surroundings. Create endless scenes that can be recreated over and over.

These are easily storable and can be brought back out when needed making the work at home mom?s life a little less stressful.

Fisher-Price My Home Office

Kids love to be like their parents. This Fisher-Price My Home Office is great to build on their pretend play while also feeling like they are like ?mom?.

Looks about right. It?s got it all! The computer, headset, coffee, and cell phone! Let them know they are your assistant and they need to ?take care of? something.

Gifts For the Work at Home Mom

I get it! Mom is busy. Busy may be an understatement! She is constantly going and many times multitasking to get it all done. With kiddos at home this adds to the work load. This ?Gifts For The Work At Home Mom? Gift Guide is perfect gift ideas for the work at home mom. Whether you want to make her life easier, less stressful, or a little relaxing, you will have plenty of ideas. I?m sure that mom will appreciate the thoughtful gifts for days to come.

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From one working mom to another, Cheers, xoxo, Jenn

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