How To Make A Clickable Link In Canva

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Clickable Links

A clickable link is a link, many times an html link, aka hyperlink, that is incorporated inside a pdf, email, word document, or similar, that enables someone to open the desired link in another browser window. It is often stated that you are then ‘redirected’ to another website. 

This blog post will tell you how to add a clickable link to a pdf that you create in Canva, the design tool for designers as well as non designers.  If you have not used Canva and would like to know more, please refer to, Design Your Own Graphics Using Canva

You can also add links to Canva presentations. 

Clickable Links In Canva

Creating links in Canva is so easy you will ask yourself why you never took advantage of the feature before now. 

You can create links that link from text or from an image. 

Text Links

When you are creating a pdf document you may be writing a description, the name of something, a title of a blog post, or something something similar that you would like your audience to click to view. You will need to create the clickable link in order for them to actually click and open the page. 

Image Links

Similar to a text link but you are now going to make an image, graphic, or photo, clickable. 

You may tell your audience to click on the image to see more. Or to click on the infographic to see more about a topic. 

Creating Links in Canva

Create and Design Your PDF

clickable link in Canva
Design and Create the PDF in Canva.
clickable link in Canva
Go to the browser window of the website you would like to copy / attach at the clickable link. Copy the hyperlink that you would like to attach.
Create clickable links in Canva
From the pdf design within Canva, Select (highlight with the cursor) the text that you would like to create the clickable link for.
clickable link in Canva
Highlight the text that should be clickable. Then click the chain icon (add a link icon) on the top tool bar. Paste the hyperlink into the text field. Click apply.
clickable link in Canva
Click the Save icon. Save the design as a pdf to ensure you get clickable links.
clickable link in Canva
Open the pdf to view and test your link. You can tell an area is clickable because that text is underlined. Your cursor will change to enable a click.

Remove A Link

remove a clickable link
Select the clickable link. Highlight over the text. Go to the chain link icon. Select the link, delete, then apply.

Link to an image, graphic, photo, or video

Select the image, graphics, photo, or video by clicking on it, ensuring the selection is active. 

clickable hyperlink
The image will have a blue line that can modify the image.
clickable link on photo
Once you have selected the element to be clickable click the chain link icon, enter the link text, click apply. Save the pdf as you would when you create a text link.

Link From an Image

Linking from an image is just as useful as linking from text. 

clickable links in canva

Clickable link in a presentation

You may want to incorporate links in your presentations to quickly refer to various websites and information. 

clickable link in a presentation
Highlight the text in the Presentation to be clicked. Click the chain link icon.
clickable link
Paste the link that needs to be connected. Click apply. In this case, I link to the source of the quote.

pdf escape

A wonderful software tools that allows you to make a pdf editable is PDF Escape. You can take a pdf that you have created, upload, and make the spaces ‘typeable’ to another user. This is great if you want someone to fill something out and send it back to you via email rather than having someone print the document, write, then scan and send back. 

Link to links within designs

Linking links to other links within a Canva design is not yet possible.  Cross your fingers this is in the works! 

canva trial

In case you haven’t noticed I am a big fan of Canva. Even with just basic Canva (not Pro) you can do so much! 

Click the link below to try out Canva! Let us know how much you love it! 



Thank you for stopping by and reading about Canva and its clickable link feature! 

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Feel free to email me at

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