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Whether you are a blogger, influencer, student, or executive, there are times you need to be creative. Don’t you wish creativity came at the drop of a hat? Or that you could sit down in front of your computer and whip up an amazing blog post in the matter of minutes? 

It may happen, if you have a ‘mentos’ moment. I love mentos moments but they are far and few between. A mentos moment is when something just appears. Like it was an awesome, great idea that just popped out of the big blue sky. Like it was meant to be and that’s how it is. If you don’t get lucky to have a mentos moment you need to find a creative direction. 

Years ago someone asked me how do you get such good ideas (I forget what I was working on at the time, I was in college at The University of Akron, majoring in Marketing and Advertising) and I said I drink wine. Hmmm. I think that is somewhat true. Maybe it lessons the inhibitions to allow the creative juices to start flowing. Instead of thinking ‘in’ side the box, the details, all the glitter and sparkles, come out and sound so much better. 

Drink Wine For Creative Ideas

Drink Wine

I’m not saying you need to down a bottle of wine but a little bit of the good stuff may do the mind some good. Drinking will help to weed out the ‘deep thoughts’ and loosen up the creative thoughts.  After I had this conclusion I decided to google on the World Wide Web. Guess what? It has actually been studied! The term would be altered cognitive processing. states “Why might being intoxicated lead to improved creativity? The answer has to do with alcohol’s effect on working memory: the brainpower that helps us keep what we want in mind and what we don’t want out. Research has shown that alcohol tends to reduce people’s ability to focus in on some things and ignore others, which also happens to benefit creative problem solving.” So I conclude that a glass or two of vino will improve my working memory and enhance my creative problem solving! 

Take a Walk / Run

I’ve found during my morning exercise time (my alone time) I get ideas, lots of ideas. Maybe because I’m free to think. Free of distraction and the constant, mom, mom, mom that circulates my house.  When you exercise you are lowering your stress levels while relaxing and improving your mood. Great minds come from running (and cardio). Those endorphins give us a spike in brain boosting energy and creativity.  C-ya later cortisol! As we decrease our stress, our cortisol levels improve and we free up our minds to think freely. When our minds aren’t in a fight or flight mode, they can now feel free to go with the flow. Increasing oxygen to the brain, boosts working memory, frees our mind, and 

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts can be so motivating and so inspirational.  I actually hit two birds with one stone. I run and listen to podcasts while enjoying my me time at 6 o’clock in the morning.  I must be powering up my creativity twofold. My favorite podcasts usually have a focus as to what I’m working on at the time. For example, if I’m going to write about organic skin care, I will search out green skin care podcasts.  I love to listen to social media podcasts.  A few that I enjoy are:

A lot of times listening to podcasts (and YouTube) gives me the can do motivation and the i can do it feeling. It’s easy to get down in the dumps and feel like things aren’t going the way they should or the way that you want them to. I try not to get stuck going down a rabbit hole of negativity and rather change my perception on the way the things are. When I listen to podcasts and YouTube inspirations I get the feeling that some of them ‘get it’. They started off at a beginning, kept trying, kept marching forward, and became successful in what they are good at doing.  

Check Out Pinterest

Take a scroll through Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media outlet. Not too long though, you don’t want to be succumb to the negativity that can result from too much of a good thing. Except Pinterest, Pinterest is awesome.  Enter your search topic and read various blogs that pertain to your topic. When you search out your tribe you will find inspiration and motivation. There are people in most niches that can relate in some accord and have probably written about it. They weren’t the first to struggle and you won’t be the last. 

Talk It Over

Two minds are better than one! I don’t do this often because I like to keep things to myself, but I do believe that throwing the ball back and forth can be super helpful when trying to be creative. Even brainstorming with your kids can break the grown up cycle mind of thinking. When I try to keep things under wraps (no one needs to know right now) I have to find other ways of working through my creativity. I’m glad there are other outlets. I have also found that Facebook groups that pertain to your subject help to generate ideas and sort through ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are basic. Everyone has to start somewhere! 


The past week I’ve been writing from Hilton Head, South Carolina. Talk about creative ideas. I love that I can sit on a balcony, drinking coffee (or sipping wine), with an ocean view, typing on my ipad. I don’t think creativity could get any better. I’ve walked the beach, listened to podcasts, scrolled Pinterest and Instagram, and breathed the fresh, salty air.  

Mary Lou Cook said ain’t best, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun!”     

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