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I’m sure you have seen those beautiful, well thought out Instagram grids that maintain a consistent aesthetic for frame upon frame of content.  You’ve thought about creating your own Instagram puzzle feed only to be left thinking ‘how in the world do I do this’?

Look no further! We will design an aestheticly pleasing Instagram feed using Canva as our design tool of choice.

Besides creating a puzzle feed you can also use Canva to design your Instagram Stories, Reels, and other social media graphics.

This Instagram Puzzle Feed can be designed using Canva Free of Canva Pro.

Plan Your Instagram content

I know you’d rather start out designing (the fun stuff), but first you need to script a plan of attack.

You want your content to include a cohesive image or images that can also make sense individually. When people scroll Instagram they typically only see one image unless they click to your profile.

Even though you are creating an Instagram puzzle you want to continue to engage and attract clicks to each post.

When you plan what you want your grid to look like consider how many times you post per day knowing that whatever you post will coincide with the next post.

When planning remember there will always be 3 square posts across on your Instagram feed.

For simplicities sake we will create a puzzle with 3 squares across and 3 square down for a total of 9 squares. This would be 9 posts!

You will always have a grid that increases by 3.

We now know that we want to have a total of 9 posts. You will need to think about the type of content and graphics that you would like to display on your Instagram feed.

What To Add To Make Your Puzzle Complete

You can incorporate quotes, tips, and engagement messages, in various squares to occupy the empty graphic squares.

You can also include customer reviews, an about you square, and brand inspiration.

create your canva puzzle

Create a Custom Workspace

Open Canva and Create a workspace ‘Custom Dimensions’ that is 3240 X 3240 px. This is because you are going to have each Instagram post accounts for 1080 X 1080 px.

Search and Add A 3 x 3 grid

After creating the workspace you will use Elements to search Grids to find the grid that is a square with 9 perfect, equal squares inside.

You will be using the grids as a template to draw grid lines that will divide your image into sections.

Watch this video for a visual look at how to create an Instagram puzzle. (sorry about the watermark, soon to be edited)

canva grid

Add Ruler and Guides

Go to File at the top left side of the Canva browser and click ‘show ruler’ and ‘show guides’.

You are simply using the grid as a template for the division of the 3 x 3 grids. You will click on the ruler and draw a line to each vertical and each horizontal line. You will draw a total of 4 lines.

You can then delete your grid frame template. You will be left with the 3 x 3 grids

ruler guide

You will now add your images, text, graphics, and photos to your 3 x 3 grid. Assembling your story into 9 mini stories.  For each ‘box’ Instagram post, you should be able to provide some type of valuable content.

You can use Instagram post templates from Canva as starting inspiration for your puzzle feed.

instagram post templates

Choosing an Instagram Template to start with gives you an idea how you can design your feed.

You can also insert a photo, text, or anything that you would like to fill up the 9 squares.

On the following example, I created a magazine cover and put the images on a book frame. I was going to use the smartmockups found in the Effects tool of Canva however, my Canva effects was having issues at the time.

instagram puzzle feed

Once I saved my puzzle to my desktop, I then need to upload it to a photo splitter. (I’m not sure of the technical term.) I found a couple options that would take my photo and split it into a 3 x 3, 9 square images.

The first photo splitter I used was I did not have success on my first two tries. I’m not sure if it was a malfunction on my part, but I would save my images, open them and they’d be blank.

Third time was a charm and it worked magnificently.  I downloaded and saved each image.

Pine-tools is awesome because you can split larger puzzles (more than 12 squares) into individual files.

Photosplit for instagram

Photosplit for Instagram is a ios app available on the app store. You can use this app from your iphone. I do not have an android but I heard that there is an app called Grid It that would work well.

I Googled split photos for Instagram and got a ton of options to tile photos for Instagram.

Arrange your photos if you need to adjust. Decide how you want to split your photo. You have an option of 2, 3, 6, 9, or 12.

From the Photosplit app you can schedule your Instagram images and ensure that your photos will post appropriately and in order. Notice PhotoSplit will number my posts in the way that I would post them!

Whether you save your photos or post them from the app, make sure you note the order in which you will post.

If you don’t want to schedule your Grid to your Instagram from PhotoSplit you can save the photos to your camera roll to schedule at a later time.

Posting Your Tiles To Instagram

It is important to post your photos in the correct order. If you do not pay close attention you will mess up your layout and your puzzle will be out of sync. When scheduling your posts it may help to number your puzzle’s pieces on a screen shot to refer to at the time you schedule the posts.

Test Your Puzzle

When I first designed a tiled photo grid for Instagram I created a ‘test’ Instagram account. I uploaded my Instagram puzzle to my test page and ensure all my photos posted in the correct order.

Designed For You

If you would like to take designing Instagram puzzles off your plate I would love to create some branded Canva templates for you to use. I also offer Instagram puzzle templates on my site. Feel free to check them out! Shop link

See It In Action

This Youtube link How To Make An Instagram Puzzle Using Canva will give you an idea how to design an Instagram puzzle grid and then split it with a photo splitter. (sorry about the watermark, soon to be edited)

Canva Instagram Puzzle

Instagram Puzzles

You have just learned how to design and create an Instagram puzzle feed. I hope that you had as much fun as I did!

Message me with questions!


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