Pinterest Keyword Research For Fashion Bloggers

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Hey fashion junkies! I know you’d rather be doing all things fashion rather than stressing about Pinterest keyword research for your fashion blog. However, it’s not all bad, and it’s kinda fun. Think of it as dressing up a fashion window with all the bells and whistles that makes it look magnificent. Merchandising for Pinterest. Sounds exciting to me!

If you want to be one of the top ten fashion bloggers you need to find keywords to power your SEO and post pins on Pinterest to get traffic and clicks. Your Pinterest keyword research will determine who sees your pins and where your pins will appear.

In this blog post we are going to:

  • pick a fashion topic – search from Pinterest search bar
  • research the fashion topic on Pinterest for keywords
  • research the fashion topic on Google for keywords
  • Research the fashion topic on Google Keyword planner
  • Research the fashion topic on Pinterest Trends
  • Read an example of how I use keywords in a fashion blog post
  • Create fashion-tastic pins for Pinterest
  • Schedule on Tailwind

Pinterest Keyword Tools

There are four Pinterest keyword tools we are going to use to research Pinterest keywords.

  • Pinterest Tool Bar Keyword Search
  • Pinterest Main Search Bar
  • Google Main Search Bar
  • Google Ads – Keyword Planner

* You can also use the Tag feature for Pinterest Video and Pinterest Stories for more keyword research 

Pinterest Keyword Search For Fashion

Because we are moving into the Fall season, let’s think Fall fashion trends?

You are going to go to the Pinterest search bar and type – fall fashion, you want to see what kinds of fall fashion topics users are searching for when they are searching Pinterest. This will help you write your blog post according to what users are searching for and not just for what you want to write about.

Now, when you put a space after fashion, you can use one of the suggested long tail keywords or continue searching. (Box 1) You can also type fall fashion, hit the space bar, and type an ‘a’, this would be the other long tail Keywords you can use for fall fashion with words that start with ‘a’. You can do this with each letter of the alphabet until you find a long tail keyword you would like to blog about. You can do this type of search with each word of your long tail keywords. 

Box 1: shows initial fall fashion search


Box 2: shows fall fashion searching with ‘a’ words


Box 3: shows that I chose fall fashion trends and narrowed down further

In this example, I could title my blog post ‘fall fashion trends for women’ and narrow even further to ‘fall fashion trends for women over 40’.



Another example using the Pinterest Search Screen Tool Bar:

(This feature will be going away. Pinterest Trends will replace this tool.)

From the main Pinterest search bar I can also search ‘womens’ and Pinterest will give me suggestions based on popular searches that I can also use as keywords for my blog posts. Notice you could choose:

  • women’s business casual outfits for…
  • women’s fashion …

If you do this kind of search and no word bubbles appear, this indicates that people don?t search for that word, or term, often.

Back to the first search, If I choose ‘business casual outfits for women’ I can narrow this down further as well. I?m niching down further to find a long tail keyword that I can surround with some short tail keywords.


For my blog post I can also use:

  • business casual outfits for women for fall
  • business casual outfits for women

When you have a more narrow long tail keyword you will have less competition and more chance of being found.

Once You have found your initial keywords ‘fall fashion trends for women over 40’ you will be able to use other similar keywords throughout your blog post for optimal SEO both for Pinterest and for Google.

Let’s list some other longtail keywords from Pinterest that You can use later:

  • fall fashion trends for women over 40
  • fall fashion trends for women
  • fall fashion trends
  • 2020 fall fashion trends
  • women’s fall fashion trends
  • women’s fashion



In this case I’ve changed up my wording, but you can still see that I can use all my keywords, most in different orders.

  • fall fashion
  • fall fashion trends
  • fall fashion trends for
  • what are the fall fashion trends for 2020
  • women’s fall fashion outfit ideas
  • women’s fall fashion looks

In my blog post I am going to identify my main keywords and then include other relevant keywords throughout the blog post. For example, my main key words will be Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 40.


I was also able to remove unwanted columns and refine keywords. For easy viewing I like to get rid of what I don?t intend to use.

You have now sorted a list of low competition keywords that you can use throughout your blog post.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends shows you the terms that people are searching on Pinterest on a daily basis. You can see I was able to search my entire fall fashion trends for women over 40? and i also have the term ‘fashion for women over 40’ I could integrate into my blog post. Related term, found at the bottom of the screen shows you more keywords that you can use in your blog post. I like outfit ideas for women over 40.

  • Fashion for women over 40
  • outfit ideas for women over 40
  • womens fashion
  • 2020 fall fashion trends
  • fall 2020 fashion trends

Fashion Blog – Example with Keywords

Fall Fashion Trends For Women Over 40

Hey Fashion Divas! Looking for the best fall fashion trends for women over 40 this season? We’ve got fall 2020 trends from leopard print jackets to camo print leggings. These amazing trends are sure to make the perfect update to a fall wardrobe.

What are the fall fashion trends for 2020?

  • animal print everything
  • camo layers
  • comfort
  • casual
  • sustainable fashion
  • 80’s fashion
  • asymmetry
  • checkered

This fall season is different from past autumns. We are all now tucked away in our little nooks working on last minute emails while helping with 6th grade algebra! Business casual has mixed with athleisure to accomodate the work at home homeschool mom. Women’s fall fashion trends for 2020 are all about comfort and style. We are wanting to sit comfortably all day at home while still feel like we’ve actually done something. You know, just getting up and getting ready makes it real. Like its almost a normal day at the office.

We’ve got plenty of fall fashion outfit ideas that will keep you looking stylish even if you are sitting at home teaching the ABS?s or hitting the grocery for a quick sec to grab snacks.

Leopard Print

Leopard print continues to be a fall fashion trend for women over 40 or for every age over 10, for that matter. Leopard print styles from lightweight sweaters to casual cardigans have made their arrival in the comfy, cozy, collection of fall fashion trends.

Camo Print

I can’t get enough of Camo print. It continues to make a fashion statement. The autumn dressing style is camo print sweaters paired with skinny jeans or leggings, both for transitional looks.

Cute and Casual Fall Outfits

We’ve taken the sweatshirt and upgraded its texture and style for cute and casual fall outfits that can be worn anywhere at anytime. Fall thanksgiving outfits will also include comfy casual pieces that can make lounging after Thanksgiving dinner stylish but relaxing.

End example.


Once you’ve written your blog posts, you will want to add images to the blog post that you can pin to Pinterest. Pins should be 2 x 3 (1000 X 1500). If you don?t want images these size on your blog post you can add hidden pins later.

You create pins from the Canva design tool for your blog posts. Canva is an amazing design tool that you can use for all of your social media, blog, email, and Pinterest posts. Click Design Your Own Graphics Using Canva to find out how to use Canva.

Please Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, at no extra cost to you. I will NOT suggest any link who I do not believe to be a great business!


Design Optimized Pinterest Pins With Canva

Your Title and Pin Description should all include your keywords. Keywords will be important so that your pin can get found.

Everywhere words can go, they should be keywords. Your potential audience will be searching for you And will find you from the Pinterest search field, suggested related pins Section, Google searches, and Pinterest?s home feed.

On your pin designs be sure to use a text overlay Or some type of keyword text on the image to identify what the pin is about. Integrate a keyword or two. Pinterest keywords can also be ‘read’ on Pinterest pins, so be sure to identify your pin on the image.

When you save your pins, be sure you name them something that refers to what they are about. I.e. fall fashion trends, cute and casual fall outfits, Fall Thanksgiving outfits.

For fashion images, I like to use women model photos that are not directly looking at the camera. This will put more of a focus on the clothes. You may want to test several images with women models and flat lays.

You can also use your flay lay and integrate white space where you can place your text.


Schedule In Tailwind

Title: insert title keywords

Example: Cute and Casual Fall Outfits

Description: Insert description keywords

Example: Find the best fall fashion for women over 40. Check out trending leopard print sweaters, 80’s style jackets, and super cute camo print shirts. Layer with fall 2020 trends in skinny jeans and leggings.

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool that you can use to schedule content from today way out into the future.

Tailwind also has a feature called Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are like minded Pinterest users who have similar content that can be shared across Pinterest spreading the reach of the pin.

Tailwind’s Instagram scheduling feature allows you to schedule content to Instagram quickly and easily. It also provides you with suggested hashtags based on your post content and already used hashtags.

Tailwind has recently introduced a beta version of its design tool called Tailwind Create. Create will allow you to create pins in a matter of seconds while also being able to schedule them at the same time.

Click here to check out Tailwind.


This is what your Tailwind scheduler will look like. You can give your pins a title, description, and link all in one place. 

Fashion-tastic Pinterest Keyword Research

If you have an online shopping fashion blog you will want to integrate these pinterest Keyword research marketing ideas into your digital marketing strategy. Your views, traffic, and clicks will begin to grow. It may not happen over night. Sometimes Pinterest is a bit … finicky, but anything that is posted now has a chance of being seen from here until eternity.

The best fashion lifestyle blogs will research their keywords and pin pins to Pinterest throughout the year using a Pinterest marketing strategy to gain traffic and clicks to their blog site. Make sure you integrate your Pinterest marketing strategy into your digital marketing strategy and stay consistent about your posting.

I’m excited for you to start your Pinterest keyword research journey. Remember to use a low competition keyword surrounded by other short tail keywords to build your blog and integrate into your blog post as well as your pins image, title, and description.

Best to you, and if you need help let me know.

If you have thoughts or comments about what I’ve mentioned here, I’d love to know, comment below.

Xoxo, Jenn

Please Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, at no extra cost to you. I will NOT suggest any link who I do not believe to be a great business!

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