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Pinterest keywords are an integral part of a Pinterest marketing strategy. If you aren’t putting some thought and research into your Pinterest marketing you aren’t optimizing your Pinterest potential. You are chasing your tail wondering why your content isn’t getting found.

No matter how much you want to avoid them, keywords are part of a digital marketing strategy. This includes Pinterest keyword research. Keyword research for Pinterest is something that you will need to do. All. The. Time. If you want your content to be found on Pinterest.

You need Pinterest keyword tools to find Pinterest keywords in order to get found on the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest SEO for Bloggers

Bloggers need to research keywords for their blog posts as well as for their Pinterest marketing. When bloggers research their Pinterest keywords they need to find relevant keywords for their niche. When you find niche keywords to integrate into your Pinterest strategy this helps your audience find your content. It also helps Pinterest know who to show your content.

Keyword Research for Pinterest

There are five places you can look for keywords for FREE!

  • Pinterest Guided Search Bar
  • Pinterest Trends
  • Pinterest Ads Keyword Planner (Promoted Pins)
  • Pinterest Video
  • Pinterest Stories

Pinterest Keyword Search Tools

Use these five FREE keyword research tools to find Pinterest keywords to optimize your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Guided Search Bar

The Pinterest Search Bar is similar to that of Googles search bar. The search bar appears when you click the magnifying glass at the top right of your Pinterest screen.

You can enter one keyword and other keywords will appear under the entered keyword based on popular searches. This is called predictive text. Predictive text is amazing because it’s actually giving you ideas from common searches.

Please Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, at no extra cost to you. I will NOT suggest any link who I do not believe to be a great business!

The images above I’ve shown you three different searches. You can narrow your search farther by typing out more words. You can also enter your search term followed by a space and then each letter of the alphabet to get more ideas.

Pinterest Trends for Keyword Research

Pinterest’s newest search tool is Pinterest Trends.

Pinterest Trends shows you the keywords that have been searched over the course of a year. You can see the uptick and down turn of the key term. For example, if you were to write about ‘fall’ you would start atleast 45 days before the peak of the term in order to get some traction in the Pinterest feed. You will also see ‘related terms’ under the graph. Further at the bottom you will get search results of popular pins related to the search term.

Pinterest Ads Keyword Search (Promoted Pins)

Typically Pinterest Ads is used for creating Ads on Pinterest. In this case, we will use Pinterest Ads to do a keyword search and find relevant long tail and short tail keywords for your pins. You would not have used this section of your Pinterest account if you have not created Pinterest promoted pins.

The great thing is, you can use this tool without having to actually use promoted pins.

From your Pinterest business page, Click Ads and then select Create ad. Then click Drive consideration > continue. Then scroll down to Extend your search. Type in your search term in the search field.

You can compile a list of these keywords and integrate them into your Pinterest keyword titles, descriptions, etc.

Pinterest Keyword Search using Pinterest Video

Using video on Pinterest is a great idea! It also has some ‘hidden’ keyword search capabilities. You need to ‘add’ the video before you get the option to ‘add tags’.

When you type in a search term you get a search list to choose your relevant keyword terms.

Pinterest Stories for Keyword Research

Similar to Pinterest video, you can also use Pinterest stories to research keywords on Pinterest.

Pinterest Keywords Placement (Where To Put Your Keywords)

There are seven places you want your keywords to reside. Integrate your keywords throughout to optimize your content and rank higher in search results.

  • Pin Title
  • Pin Description
  • Pin image itself
  • Relevant Pin boards
  • Relevant Pin boards description
  • Your Profile
  • Your About Section

Find out more about using Pinterest keywords in your Pinterest account by reading, Pinterest Keywords For Pinterest Traffic.

Pinterest Keyword Search Conclusion

You’ve been introduced to several Pinterest keyword search tools that can help you find Pinterest keywords.

You may find that you prefer one Pinterest keyword tool over another. However, I prefer to utilize a couple Pinterest keyword tools at a time and find the coordinating keywords that are relevant to my pin. You can integrate these long tail keywords into your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest keywords are seo for Pinterest. They will help optimize your Pinterest content in order to get found on the search and discovery platform. You will want to Continue to use these Pinterest keyword search tools as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Which is your favorite Pinterest research tool? Comment below.

XoXo, Jenn

If you are a fashion blogger and would like to see an example of Pinterest keyword research for fall fashion click here.

Please Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, at no extra cost to you. I will NOT suggest any link who I do not believe to be a great business!

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