Pinterest Pin Design

Pinterest Pin Design

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The best Pinterest pin designs have several Pinterest design elements in common. They follow Pinterest design best practices when it comes to creating pins that are scroll stopping and click worthy.

As part of any Pinterest marketing strategy you need to make sure you have done 2 things:

  • 1) research and optimized your keywords for Pinterest SEO.
  • 2) designed Pinterest pins with regards to Pinterest design best practices (Pinterest’s favored pin design strategies)

Optimized Pinterest pin designs are an important part of any Pinterest marketing strategy. The designs of pins on Pinterest have atleast a few of the following elements in common.

Pinterest designers know how to follow Pinterest design best practices in order to get clicks on the Pinterest platform.

In this post we will review the Pinterest design best practices and what you need to do in order to integrate these into your Pinterest designs.

Pinterest Design Guidelines

  • Optimized Keywords
    • Pin Title
    • Pin Description
    • Pin Image / Text Overlay
  • Optimal Pin Size
  • Incorporate subtle branding
  • High Quality Relevant Images
  • Congruent images / title / keywords
  • Contains a Call to Action, Problem / Solution / Arrows
  • Incorporate ‘new and novel’ Pinterest design strategies

Research and Optimize keywords – Pinterest SEO

There are several Pinterest keyword tools that you can use to find keywords to use for Pinterest SEO. The best part is, these keyword tools are FREE! Pinterest keyword tools are used to research keywords that are being searched on the Pinterest platform. When optimized your blog posts for keywords you will want to research Pinterest keywords as well as Google keywords.

Integrating your niche keywords into your content helps Pinterest determine where your pin belongs, what your pin is about, what your content is about, and show it to pinners who are searching for your type of content.

Pinterest Keyword Tools

  • Pinterest Guided Search Bar
  • Pinterest Tiles (Going away eventually)
  • Pinterest Trends
  • Pinterest Ads Keyword Planner
  • Google Search Bar – Pinterest keywords and Google keywords
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner – Pinterest keywords and Google keywords

(If you use the Google search bar and Google Ads keyword planner this will show you keywords searched on Google. If you are writing for youR blog post you will want to do a combination of the two for optimal results. People search the differing platforms differently. They may phrase their words differently when searching one platform over another.)

Pin Title & Pin Description

Your pin title and pin description aren’t necessarily part of your pin design unless it is displayed on your text overlay on the pin image. However, it does in fact impact your Pinterest designs seo and thus should be considered part of optimizing your pin design.

Optimize Your Pin Title

When you create your Pinterest pins and Pinterest designs you will need to create a title (100 characters) that is relevant to your pin image and blog post. In your pin title you will also need to include Pinterest keywords that are relevant to your blog post and pin image. The pin title will state what the pin image and blog post are about as well as include the keywords necessary for Pinterest SEO to pick up the pin in its algorithm.

Your pin title needs to grab attention and get your audience to stop scrolling. It will typically give your viewers a reason why they want to see more from your pin. Pinners will usually see only 30 characters of a title, so be sure to put the vip stuff in the beginning of the title.

Optimize Your Pin Description

Besides your pin title, your pin description (500 characters) can hold a plethora of keyword juice that is just waiting to pull in your target audience to your content.

Your Pinterest pin description needs to provide enough pertinent information that your audience will want to find out more.

Integrate your researched keywords into your pin description. State your main keyword with supporting keywords to boost Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest Best Practices Pin Size

What’s in a size? Well, according to Pinterest, vertical images are the way to go! You may think horizontal looks awesome, but pins that are created vertically perform much better on average. The favored pin size is portrait, 2X3 ration.


Branding constitutes your brand colors, your logo, website, and font. When it comes to branding, consistency is key. You want to build familiarity for your target audience and with this comes using the same colors, logo, and fonts most of the time.

Rule of thumb:

  • Brand colors
  • Logo
  • website
  • Font

If you need an example, think of Target. Target can now be identified simply from their red bullseye logo. Even when looking through their ads or commercials you have the ‘feel’ of Target. They are bright, bold, clean, red, crisp …

When building branding into your pin design it is best to be subtle and let the rest of your pin do its job. Rather than inserting a large logo on the pin, try an inconspicuous url at the bottom of the pin design.

High Quality Images to Design Pins

Must I say, no blurry out of focus images. There are so many free stock images out there you don’t need to use low quality, low res. Images.

You can also try taking your own photos and see how your audience reacts.

Congruency in Pin Design Image / Pin Design Text Overlay

Sameness. Whatever keywords you have integrated into your Pin design and whatever image you have used need to provide the same message. When pinners click your pin they want a positive experience. You do not want to provide a poor experience where there is a disconnect between what they’ve clicked and the end result.

Pinners feel deceived when they click on a pin only to be taken to a blog post or website that is irrelevant to their search.

Call To Action

Sometimes people need to be told what to do. You may think they already know but they may need that slight nudge to click and view your content.

Call to actions can include but are not limited to:

  • Sign up now
  • Read now
  • Download now
  • Discover what’s new
  • Learn how now
  • Buy Now
  • Find your Look Now

What useful call to action can you give your audience?

Besides telling your viewers what to do, you can also show them where to click, especially when using video pins. Integrate arrows, signs, and pointers, to identify your call to action.

People are going to Pinterest to solve a problem. They are searching hundreds of pins, looking for one pin that will help them solve their problem. Use keywords such as:

  • How To:
  • Why You Need:
  • How Do I:
  • Is there …:
  • How do I ???

Your audience is looking for the best answer to their search query. Your job is to provide them with the best content. You need to get them to your content with your best pin designs.

Pin Design Text Overlay

Text overlay is part of your Pinterest Pin design. Your text overlay will most likely also be your call to action (or part of) your call to action.

The font in your text overlay ought to be easy to read. Script is awesome! But not necessarily for Pinterest pin design. Make sure the text you use in your pin design is clean, bold, readable text.

Pinterest’s algorithm uses image and text recognition, so, what you put on your pin, in image and in words, both matter.

Do I need to follow all of the Pinterest Pin Design Guidelines?

I’m not saying make a checklist and make sure you follow all of these guidelines step by step. I am recommending that you consider if each element would work best for your Pinterest pin design. Once you know what has worked, you can then have the freedom to test boundaries and see what else could work.

If you are looking for Pinterest pin design tools read this post “3 Best Design Tools For Non Designers” and find out what I think are the best tools for designing pins for Pinterest.

Sign up for the Design Content Graphics ‘Pinterest Design Checklist’. This checklist will tell you what you need to know to design amazing pins for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

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