How To Use Pinterest Story Pins

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Pinterest has decided to hop on the story bandwagon with the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest story pins are gaining popularity on the search and discovery platform as over 450 million users scour the network for new ideas, new products, and new things to do.

Story pins are yet another way to engage with creators content. I know, you haven’t even gotten the hang of stories on Instagram and Facebook. It does take some getting used to but as with everything techy, it gets easier with practice.

Not all creators have access to story pins on Pinterest. Since 2019 Pinterest has been testing the waters with story pins. They continue to roll them out in a ‘beta’ test as they encourage creators to take interest and implement strategies to invite their audience to engage with their content. You must have a business account if you will to create stories. If you don’t have access to story pins yet, click here to sign up. Pinterest will review your request.

What are Pinterest Stories?

Story pins on Pinterest give pinners more information about your site’s content. It gives pinners more reasons to see more of you and what your site has to offer. Share story pins, 1-20 pages, consisting of videos, images, and text, with engaging information that people want to click through to be inspired to learn something, to do something, and to buy something.

Story pins span across your Pinterest feed similar to regular pins. You can tell a story pin from the top left corner square with the number of pages next to the square.

Similar to regular pins, story pins can be saved to boards for reference at a later time. They will appear in your Pinterest feed as well as in other parts of Pinterest. When a story is created on Pinterest it will be pinned to a board. You will pin this pin to its first most relevant board as if you were pinning a regular pin.

Unlike stories on other platforms, Pinterest stories live on forever. This gives you the benefit of your stories being accessible to anyone and everyone forever.

If you love something from a pin you’ve saved, you can comment with text or photos just as you would with regular pins. For example, if a food blogger posted a story about a cupcake recipe and you tried the recipe. You can say that it was a great recipe and post a photo of the cupcake you made with the recipe.

What kind of Story Pins Can I Create?

  • How to … tips
  • How to … make
  • Tips … to do something
  • Step by step instructions
  • Recipe ingredients
  • Step by step recipes
  • Project steps
  • Show off a collection of things, i.e. books, sweaters, jewelry

You can include a mix of video, text, and images to appeal to your audience.

Tech Specs

  • <20mb for images
  • <100mb for video
  • 1-60 seconds long
  • 1080 x 1920 pixels, or 9:16
  • <20 pages images, text, video

For more tech specs for story pins, Pinterest help.

Why use Story Pins?

Story pins can add awareness and increase monthly views. When you create engaging content with stories on Pinterest you are providing your audience more reasons to visit your site. You are sharing your information in new ways, which can reach a new audience.

For example, a retailer, can post a story with the latest fashions for the season. Illustrate the trends of each style and the selling point of the items.

Story pins posted during the first couple weeks of February. Notice you can see impressions, clicks, and saves. Your really want clicks and saves!!!

How To Create Story Pins

Log into your Pinterest Business Account.

From your ‘SAVED’ tab click + to add a ‘STORY PIN’.

You can also add story pins from the ‘CREATE’ drop down and click ‘CREATE STORY PIN’.

From the next screen you can either ‘CREATE NEW’ or edit a draft story pin. It’s great that you can start a story pin, stop, and then continue creating later.

Add images or videos to the first screen. You can add more later. When I create story pins I plan before I start adding images. Think about what you want to pin that will be helpful and useful to someone. Not only are you thinking of your ‘topic’ but you need to think about what images you will put in that story.

I often use Canva to organize and resize my pages for my story pins. In Canva I will set up my workspace with a Pinterest story size, 1080 X 1960, and make my pages consistent. I will add other relevant information that I already know I want to explain in my story.

If you already have your images you can go straight to uploading them to Pinterest.

You will now ‘DESIGN YOUR PAGES’.

Choose Your Layout, Video, and Text for your story that is not included on your image, video, or text pages that you are adding or have added already. You can add text about your images from the design page. (I often do this in Canva beforehand).

I added 8 pages to this story. The first page was a ‘video’. It was simply an animated text and image page to attract more attention. Several of the other pages were short videos that I used with my screen record. The static images were just screen shots from my computer. The last page I added to the story included my website.

This is the story pin that I made for this blog post.

Once you have added your pages of your story you will click next and ‘pick a details theme’. The details that you add to this portion of your story design will show on every page of the story pin.

I always choose ‘blank list’ but you can also choose: recipe or crafts + DIY. Obviously this depends on what type of story you are designing.

On this last page you will give your story a ‘story pin title’. You will want to incorporate keywords into this title same as you would if you were writing a title for a regular pin.

Choose your most relevant board to post the story pin.

Search ‘tagged topics’ for keyword suggestions to ‘tag’ your story pin.

Pinterest will give you suggestions based on the text you are searching. You can continue to click and add relevant tags to your story pin. You can add up to ten tags. Tags are an awesome way to do a little keyword research for your topic / niche.

When you are finished you click ‘publish’ and ta-da story pin!

Can I Edit Story Pins?

You can edit story pins up to ten days after posting. You, however, can not edit the first slide. You will need to find the story pin in your ‘created’ tab from your business page. Click the edit icon in the left hand corner of the story pin.

Click the edit icon in the left hand corner of the story pin.

Edit what you need to change then click done.

Tips for Story Pins

After working with story pins for a couple weeks, I’ve come across some tips for story pins.

First, be sure to Include a website or call to action on your story pin. This would more than likely be your last page. Story pins do not currently have clickable links. There are no urls to drive traffic to a blog post, product, or service. You need to make sure that you are providing more information about where you can be found or where someone can find more information about your content.

You can list your website, email address, or ask them to follow you on a certain platform. When you give your ‘story’ provide the steps (instructions / tips) but make sure you give a reason to go to your site to find out more.

When you are using story pins for your content you want to provide useful information. Give a reason for people to want to click further. Similar to regular pins, Share new ways of showing the same content. If you’ve been on Pinterest, you have probably already heard that Pinterest likes ‘fresh pins’. This is new content or rather, the same content but in a new and novel way. To find out more about fresh pins read, What Are Fresh Pins On Pinterest?

This third tip culminates all pins and social media right now. Include a video in the first slide to increase engagement and grab attention. Video is KING on all social media platforms. Static images are prominent on Pinterest. Use video to make your content stand out amongst the crowd.

What Story Pins Do Not Do

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest story pins do not provide a clickable link. Be sure to represent your brand and how to contact you for more information. Provide your website, @pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook urls. Just make sure that you are providing a call to action to your story pins.

Pinterest also has a Pinterest story account you can reference for inspiration.

In Conclusion …

Story pins are being favored by Pinterest in order to encourage creators to create inspiring, helpful content. People go to Pinterest to plan life events, be inspired to create, improve themselves.

Use stories on Pinterest to tell your brand story.

I recommend giving story pins a shot. Share your tips, tricks, recipes, and collections! We can wait to see what you post.

Remember… A good Pinterest strategy will include a mix of regular, video, and story pins.

For more information about Pinterest design you can read, Pinterest Pin Design. This will give you more tips on how to create pins with Pinterest design best practices. You should also read Video Pins on Pinterest to learn about pins that incorporate video and animation to grab attention and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Thank you for reading,

xo, Jenn

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