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Being one of the best visual discovery engines of 2020, Pinterest has users logging in and searching for recipes, fashion, and diy, while marketers are scrambling to get their perfectly designed pins in front of their target audience. As Pinterest has continued to grow, so has the scheduling and design Pinterest tools that coincide. It Is no longer necessary to create swoon worthy designs in Photoshop. As Pinterest drives competition among search engines it also stirs up competition amongst its design and scheduling partners who work to maintain and provide the best Pinterest tools.

Are Tailwind and Canva in a face off to be the best design tool and social media scheduler on the market? A little competition never hurt anyone!

Pinterest has been all about posting fresh pins / fresh content as opposed to reposting old pins. In order to create fresh pins we ?non designers? need design tools such as Canva and now Tailwind?s Create to create scroll stopping, attention grabbing pins.

I am a design tool buff! I love to play around with new tools and see their potential and capabilities. I can?t wait to see what Tailwind has in store for us!

Yesterday?s Tailwind live podcast boasted a surprise addition to the Tailwind scheduling app. In addition to scheduling out hundreds of pins in the matter of minutes Tailwind will be releasing an addition that will help content creators design pins for easy creation and scheduling all in one place, Tailwind named it Tailwind Create.


Pinterest Tools - Canva & Tailwind

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Tailwind’s Pinterest Tools

Tailwind has been a primarily Pinterest pin scheduling app though it also has the ability to schedule posts to Instagram. They also have a pretty cool hashtag finder and link for the Instagram profile.

Tailwind’s Pinterest Platform

  • Pinterest Scheduler
  • Pinterest Tribes
  • Pinterest SmartLoop

Tailwind’s Instagram Platform

  • Instagram Scheduler
  • Instagram
  • Instagram Planner
  • Instagram Hashtag Finder

Tailwind’s Create Platform

  • Create and Design pins for Pinterest
  • Saves brand colors, fonts, and logos
  • Edit designs
  • Save designs
  • And much more… (waiting with baited breathe)
Pinterest Tools - Canva & Tailwind

Canva Pro’s Design Features

Canva has always been a visual content design tool. The graphic design tool recently implemented a content planner to assist in scheduling social media posts and Pinterest pins. Canva sadly can not currently schedule to Instagram. According to ?The design tool is now valued at $6B USD and is used by more than 30 million people from 190 countries, creating everything from social media posts to inforgraphics, t-shirts, videos, posters and more. There are 50 designs created every second.?

Canva Pro Can:

  • Create and design pins one at a time.
  • Create and design with video and animation
  • Can also create and design other media, such as business cards, resume, logos, and the list goes on.
  • Save designs in folders for later retrieval and editing.
  • Brand kit feature – to save brands colors, fonts, and logos
  • Create teams – work with other members of your business on designs
  • Content planner – schedule and plan social media and posts for future dates

Designing For Pinterest

Creating pins for Pinterest can be tedious and exhausting. New content and new pins take time and effort as well as some creativity to design great looking pins that will engage your target market and get them to click the link.

Using Tailwind

Your pin has one of two goals. You either want to build brand awareness or you want to bring traffic to your site. Designing pins can be a time sucking schedule filler. Tailwind?s scheduler and planner can use a Tailwind extension to pull images from a webpage which makes scheduling already created pins easier. The images can then be added to Tailwind?s Planner to be scheduled into the future. You can also add these pins to tribes, similar groups of like minded individuals who will also share your content helping to spread the pins awareness.

Pins can also be created in another platform such as Canva or Tailwind?s novice Create and scheduled with a create new pin button on the publisher tab.

Tailwind’s Scheduling Interface

Below is just a quick overview of what Tailwind?s scheduling looks like. It is by no means everything.


Using Canva

I love Canva’s design abilities. There are so many features that the app offers that you never knew you wanted your design tool to do. Canva is also for the designer off of Pinterest, though many people use it for Pinterest.

Canva’s Scheduling User Interface

Canva’s Scheduling Interface. Remember Canva has their entire design platform that can create and design beautiful, inspirational graphics.

Canva or Tailwind

I love my Canva and my Tailwind! I image I will be using both depending on the situation, the circumstances, and the projects. If you don’t have access and would like to try out the platform to Canva click here. If you don’t have access to Tailwind and would like to try out the platform click here.

To hear Tailwind’s Facebook Live broadcast about Tailwind’s Create click this link. In this session Alisa and Jeff Also discuss a new Pinterest strategy (can?t wait to give it a go!). So, be sure to click the link and hear all the goodness!

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