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Pinterest Trends Tool

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Have you seen Pinterest’s latest trends tool? It is super cool and full of wonderful, fabulous, trendy stuff that marketers swoon over.

At the beginning of January 2020, Pinterest released its Beta version of Pinterest Trends to users in the United States. They continue to release the tool country by country.

If you live in the United States, Pinterest Trends will show you trends in the United States.

What is Pinterest Trends?

Pinterest Trends,, is a Pinterest keyword research tool that shows the trend line of a specified keyword during a years time. In other words, how popular that search word is over a time period. You can see the fluctuations in the search query over time.

Pinterest Trends answers 2 questions: What? And When?

What keyword?

The keyword that you search is dependent upon your content. You want to know when that keyword, Over a years time, is searched more often in order to plan your content accordingly.

Pinterest Trends will tell you what is happening according to your keyword.

When is that keyword searched?

What is the frequency of that keyword over the course of a year? What months does that keyword tend to increase and decrease in popularity?

More often than not you can see fluctuations in seasonal content. These changes will help you determine how and when to schedule and plan your content.

If you search one or two keywords, for example women, you can compare that to another keyword to see which word would work better at a particular time.

How to Use Pinterest Trends

As a business or marketer, you are encouraged to schedule your Pinterest content 45 days prior to its search tendencies. This means, at the end of October, you should start pinning Holiday content. At the end of March you should start pinning Mother’s Day and Graduation content.

If you think about Pinterest and the content that could be searched over time, everything has some type of curve. If you schedule your content 45 days prior, you are giving your pins time to circulate and gain traction in time for the given holiday.

When searching Pinterest Trends, enter your keyword in the search field. Without hitting enter (return) you will see in a predictive text drop down showing what words have more searchability at a particular time.

You need to decide what keywords to use and when.

If you search women and compare it to womens costumes and womens halloween costume you can see what word you want to use based on the search volume. You will need to decide if you want the word that is searched more often or which word has a more competition or less competition.


What do you want to schedule and when do you want to schedule it by? Searching keywords such as swimsuits or Coats would obviously waver in search queries over time.


What kind of content do you need to create that will be relevant to your ideal audience? How will your pin design change based on your content? Stay ahead of the curve so that you are not chasing your tail when the time arrives.


Whatever keywords you are searching you are integrating into your pin title, pin description, and pin image. You can also integrate similar suggested keywords into your content to support and build on the initial keyword.

Your initial keyword should be based upon your own particular niche and your specific content.

How To Read Pinterest Trends

Searches over Time

The searches over time is based on a scale from 0 to 100. It is not the actual number of searches on Pinterest but the search volume relative to other searches during that same week. It is the percent of possible interest.

Related Terms

Related terms are based off of your initial searched keyword query. You can click on these and add them to your trends search bar to see the relative fluctuations based on each keyword compared to each other.

Compare to see which terms are better to use now and later.

Popular Pins

Popular pins is suggested pins that Pinterest thinkS you may want to see based on your initial search keyword. This gives you insight and ideas into what others? of similar content has pinned.

Pinterest Trends 2020

Pinterest Trends is an awesome keyword search tool for bloggers, marketers, and businesses. Performing keyword searches is important for your scheduling and content planning strategies.

Pinterest has also released its Pinterest Moments Planner for 2021. It provides a plethora of monthly life, seasonal, traditional, and unique moments throughout the year. If you haven?t seen this planner, I totally recommend you take a look.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed,

Xoxo, Jenn

2 thoughts on “Pinterest Trends Keyword Tool”

  1. With the recent Pinterest algorithm changes I’ve found my traditional use of keyword searches in Pinterest less effective for building my list of niche keywords to target.

    I’m now trying to tie my Pinterest keyword analysis much more into the Trends tool. It gives more insight into keywords searches but it’s still pretty limited right now (only available for US, UK and Canada searches) and it seems only the trends for top tier keyword phrases are shown.

    Perhaps Pinterest will reveal more as time passes!

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