What is Smart.bio by Tailwind?

Tailwind’s Smart.bio

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Smart.bio by Tailwind – An Instagram link in bio tool

If you aren’t familiar with Tailwind, you will be now! Tailwind is an amazing Instagram and Pinterest scheduling tool. Thousands of content creators use Tailwind to make scheduling content to their Instagram and Pinterest accounts easy and efficient.

Smart.bio is a linking tool by Tailwind that links the traffic from your Instagram account to your favorite webpages. Smart.bio by Tailwind is the solution to the one link solution in your Instagram profile. A link in bio in your Instagram profile will help drive traffic to your website allowing your viewers to click to a landing page.

Smart.bio by Tailwind

  • Adds a call to action, CTA, to your Instagram account
  • Directs viewers to desired links
  • Customized brand options
  • Analytics for strategic planning
  • Increase followers to website
  • Add Smart.bio links to scheduled Instagram content

Please Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items, at no extra cost to you. I will NOT suggest any link who I do not believe to be a great business! I may also get some compensation for the use of this post.

Smart.bio is placed in your Instagram profile. Behind that link lies answers to what your audience needs. They can click to a website, an affiliate link, or a sign up form. It is up to you and what you need for your Instagram strategy.
This is the Smart.bio after you’ve clicked on the link from your Instagram profile. You have specific ‘buttons’ you’ve created at the top. For example, you may want to have your website, your contact information, and your favorite affiliates. Below are Instagram posts that you have either linked to certain websites / pages / links or you can go into your Tailwind account and add links after the posts have been posted.

Smart.bio CTA

Whether you want your viewers to like, comment, share, shop, or click, you need a call to action to direct them to do so. The Tailwind Smart.bio helps you to promote your content without your viewers having to click off the platform and search for the information. You can easily tell your viewers what to do without worrying about if they will have a difficult time getting there.

Enter your CTA for the Button Links so that your audience knows what to do. My Smart bio examples include my ‘Design Content Graphics’ (my website), ‘Design Content Graphics Contact’ (to easily contact me), a few of my favorite affiliate links.
This portion of the Smart bio is where you can provide a call to action and a link for your content posted on Instagram. What do you want the link to say? What link do you need to attach?

Smart.bio links to the most important pages

Do you want your audience to ‘find out more’ or ‘sign up here’? Smart.bio will give your audience a direct link to what they need.

When the audience clicks on the Smart.bio link from Instagram this is part of what they will see under the Smart bio buttons.

Brand Optimized

What’s also great about the Smart.bio Instagram tool is that you can integrate your branding into the look and feel of the Smart.bio by Tailwind landing page.

Click Customize Page to access branding options.
Adjust your Page Title, Button Color, and the post link button text.
Change button color to hex code or desired color.

Smart.bio Analytics for Strategic Planning

How do you know your Instagram strategy is working if you don’t assess your Instagram analytics? Track your progress through the Smart.bio by Tailwind Instagram tool analytics.

You don’t need to question whether the content you are posting is working. You can view your Smart.bio analytics and find out what content was effective and engaging for your audience.

Admittedly I need to up my Instagram game. In order to gain followers on Instagram you need to engage and post consistently!
If you upgrade your Tailwind Instagram account you can obtain additional analytics.
You can also receive detailed stats about posted pins.

Boost Follower Growth thru link in bio interactions

With Smart.bio by Tailwind you are giving your audience access to what they need at the right time. There is easy access to your amazing content at the click of a button.

In your Smart.bio management screen you can view your total smart.bio visits, total link clicks, and click through rate.

How To Use Smart.bio by Tailwind

  • Sign up with Tailwind

Smart.bio is the most powerful FREE Instagram bio linking tool. Grab yours today!

  • Smart.bio is FREE
  • Tailwind Pinterest Scheduling and Tailwind Instagram Scheduling have FREE Trials
    • Tailwind trials are based on 100 Pins or 30 Instagram Posts
  • Click Smart.bio on Left Side
  • Create Smart.bio Profile
  • Create Smart.bio Buttons for specific websites, affiliate links, and CTA

Schedule Instagram Post with Smart.bio link

  • Schedule Instagram posts and integrate Smart.bio with a CTA and link
  • From the Tailwind Instagram click Publisher
  • Add photo
  • Click on Image
  • Add description, hashtags
  • Add CTA ‘Link Label’ and ‘Enter a Link’
  • Save and close

Smart.bio – Link in Bio for Instagram

Smart.bio by Tailwind is an amazing tool that businesses marketing on Instagram should integrate into their Instagram strategy. If you are active on the Instagram platform this is definitely a tool that will assist you in making your content readily accessible as well as measurable.

A link in bio in Instagram helps to optimize your Instagram profile. Rather than just giving your viewer one link and one destination, smart.bio gives your audience more options. Integrating Tailwind’s smart.bio into your Instagram profile is one of the best things you can do to boost your Instagram account.

Once you’ve caught your audience’s attention with scroll stopping visual content (read this if you aren’t sure why your business needs to be on Pinterest) you want to be able to tell your audience where to click with your Smart.bio, link in bio, CTA.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my Smart.bio by Tailwind blog post. I hope that you’ve enjoyed and are ready to get started. I’m sure you will love the link in bio feature.

If you’ve used smart.bio by Tailwind and you’ve had amazing success, let me know in the comments.

Xoxo, Jenn

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