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Have you wanted to start your own mom blog but didn?t know where to begin? It is definitely intimidating. When you think about all the elements that go into creating a blog it can be overwhelming. I know I?ve felt the uncertainty and doubt that surrounds starting something new.

Suzi W. Of has created a course that will get you set up and running in no time. Her program will take you step by step in the blog creating process. Each course can be purchased separately depending on what aspect of your blog you want to work on at the time.

If only starting your own mom blog was writing and publishing. You need to find a website provider, choose a theme, use a page builder, add widgets, create graphics, and promote your blog. Wow! Overwhelmed yet? Suzi W. will encourage your with a pep talk followed by what you need to know first. Though you?d like to hit post immediately you need to start your own mom blog starting from the bottom of the ladder and building up. Suzi will start you off with the basics so that you can build your blog properly without missing a step. Courses

I love that all of Suzi?s courses are affordable and can build off of each other. Rather than investing all at once in all the courses, you can choose what you?d like to do, whether it be create printables, ebooks, newsletters, a blog, emails, and keyword searches.

She has a plethora of courses. I have listed a few below, but I recommend you check them all out! .

The Blog Plan – Free Course

 FREE – Suzi has an excellent free blog course to get you up and running. Her other courses build off of the free course.

Who doesn?t want to get their blog up and running with a FREE course? The Blog Plan provides you with the essentials and guides you from day one. Suzi gives you tips and advice on how to name your niche blog, get traffic to your site, and establish an email list.

Blog By Number Course

Blog By Number a fabulous course that gets down to the nitty gritty of blogging. The Blog Plan gives you the basics in setting up your blog but Blog By Number will add more of the bells and whistles to your blog.

An added bonus is that Suzi updates the course periodically so that you can stay up to date and help you develop your blog easily and problem free. In her updates she will give you her advice on what tools she thinks is best and will contribute to the success of your blog the best.

Post By Number Course

Post By Number is a excellent course that will get you on the right track to writing posts that bring in traffic with relevant keywords to your niche.

VIP Course

The VIP Bundle is everything you could ever want. This course bundle will give you premium access to starting, maintaining, and establishing your blog making your blog reflective of the expert in your field.

The List Includes:

  • Blog By Number
  • List By Number
  • Niche By Number
  • Course By Number
  • Post By Number
  • The Blog Plan
  • Theme By Number
  • Ebook By Number
  • Income Journey
  • Email Bundle
  • How To Use PicMonkey
  • Optins

The VIP Bundle will give you everything you need to have a successful blog.

Suzi has the most detailed courses that contain building blocks for your start your mom blog site. Suzi genuinely works with women to help them create a successful blog which also being able to be a mom. Being a mom doesn?t mean you can only be a mom. You can have a profitable, meaningful blog site that can provide helpful information and products for your target audience.


I am appreciate of Suzi and all of her wonderful advice. You can definitively tell that she takes pride in her courses and that she cares about the success of her customers. I have personally emailed her and she has responded. This also made me feel like I was a valued customer.

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