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Let’s face it, creating fresh pins takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why integrating Tailwind Create as part of your Pinterest strategy will give you more time to do the things you love.

Tailwind has taken pin design to a new level by helping you save time, something we never have enough of!

If you haven’t heard of Tailwind. It is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler, complete with Smart.bio, content ideas, and insights. Tailwind makes it easy to plan content a month out, while also providing features that make it fast and simple.

In a recent study, Tailwind found that “For Pins saved via Tailwind in January 2021, making and sharing Pins with Tailwind Create resulted in 373% more saves than did resharing existing content.”

Tailwind also stated that its “members average 1.8 minutes per Tailwind Create design compared with 15 minutes for popular drag-and-drop editors”. When you need to get your pins designed and scheduled quickly Tailwind Create is the Go To Tool.

To check out Tailwind click this link.

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What Can I Do In Tailwind Create?

New Ideas

I love creating and designing pins, but sometimes you can get stuck in your same ways. Tailwind Create will give you a new way to see your content. Pinterest favors fresh and new over old and same. There is an endless supply of pin designs that you can use to create your own engaging, scroll stopping pins. Tailwind Create provides you with stock photos


Using the design tool you can also customize your pins to your brand preferences. Personalize your content using your own branding, website, logo, and colors, as you would if you weren’t using Tailwind Create. You can even edit your pins once you have ‘generated’ your selection.

Design and Schedule On The Same Tailwind Platform

Design and schedule pins all in one place. Once you have created your pins and chose your favorite, Tailwind takes you straight to the Tailwind scheduler to schedule your pins to Pinterest.

How Do I Use Tailwind Create?

Log into your Tailwind account.

Click the paint brush on the left side of the screen. This takes you to Tailwind Create.

Click ‘Update brand preferences’ to add your brand name or website. I like adding my website so that my audience knows where to go for more information.

Add your brand fonts, colors, and logos.

There are also suggested font pairings. Click save and continue to go back to the main Tailwind Create screen.

click ‘start a new design’ and then enter the website you would like the pin to take your pinner. Also enter an engaging title. Your title should contain keywords relevant to the destination and image being used. You will be able to add a subtitle later.

When you type in your destination link, Tailwind Create will pull in ‘site photos’ from that url. You can add these to your pins or click stock photos.

Search stock photos for several photos that are relevant to your topic. Tailwind Create also gives you reminders and tips throughout your pin creation about Pinterest design best practices.

Tailwind Create will give you a trial amount of pins that use as a starter. You can upgrade for more pins. (Right now you can get 50% off plans until January 31, 2021.

From the Design Gallery page, you will see a wide array of suggested drafts that Tailwind Create has generated for you to select and edit. You can still edit and change photos, colors, and text from this page.
If there are formats that you ‘love’ you can add to your favorite designs by clicking the heart (see image below). It will add to ‘Your Favorite Designs’ which you can click and view at the top of the page.

When you click on one of the drafts it will open to a singular page. On this page you can edit the Title, Subtitle, and Call To Action.

In addition, you can add elements which include shapes such as, squares, circles, triangles, and arrows.
To edit an element you will need to select the text or element on the draft. On the right side of the page an editor will pop up that you can then edit such features as the opacity, layers, and sizing of the photo.
To view the drafts that you have chosen click ‘Review Your Selection’.
From here you can edit the drafts that you selected. If your drafts do not need editing you can schedule with ‘Go Schedule’ directly from Tailwind Create to Tailwind. There is also a ‘Download’ button that you can use to download your pins. You may want to download pins to add them to blog posts.
Watch the video to view a brief How To Use Tailwind Create!

What Tailwind Create Does Not Do!

Tailwind Create does not do the thinking and strategizing. You will still need to do your own keyword research and optimization for your Pinterest pins. Researching keywords is part of implementing a successful Pinterest strategy. To read more about researching keywords read, Pinterest Keywords. This article tells you how to research keywords to optimize your Pinterest account.

You will also want to read, Pinterest Keywords For Traffic. This article will tell you where to put your keywords for optimal Pinterest performance.

Tailwind Create does not give you ideas for fresh pins. It give you the tools to create fresh pins. You need to come up with the ideas to reach new audiences with your content. This includes pins with new images, titles, and descriptions. To find out more about fresh pins read, What Are Fresh Pins on Pinterest? Simple put, you need to differentiate your pins to reach different audiences.

Though Tailwind aligns with Pinterest best practices, you should still do your part to ascertain that your pins follow design best practices. Find out more about the latest Pinterest best practices with, Pinterest Best Practices.

If you currently have Tailwind you can upgrade your Tailwind Create for 50% until January 31, 2021! This is an amazing deal!

If you do not have a Tailwind account and would like to try the scheduler and Tailwind Create click here. Tailwind gives a trial of 100 Pins for Pinterest or 30 Instagram Posts for Instagram.

Below shows several pins that I have created in Tailwind Create. I changed the image and ‘feel’ of the pins to appeal to different tastes. I added a call to action to all of my pins. I only created 3 pins each for the same titles. The bottom middle pin I added my own photo. The bottom right I changed my title text to all capital letters. It creates a different vibe!

Tailwind Create for Pin Design

Using Tailwind Create for your pin design and creation will make your pin creation faster and more efficient. Use your time to strategize, not to design pins. Tailwind Create will give you new design ideas, branding integration, and creation and scheduling tools all in one place.

Sign up for Tailwind to start creating with Tailwind Create.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

xoxo, Jenn

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