The 3 Best Design Tools For Non Designers

The best design tools for non designers

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Best Design ToolS For Non Designers

Shhh….Don?t tell, but I have a love affair with design tools (including apps). Maybe if you have creative bones in your body you can?t help but look for the newest thing in creative design (For non designers). Visual content does not need to be created and designed only in expensive Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator type software. Lucky for us non designers ( no graphic degree required) can we learn to create our own branded products with ease. Find out why your business needs visual content here.

Over the past ten years I?ve been using different design tools to create social media and Pinterest graphics. I also dabbled in Photoshop, mostly to remove backgrounds. Now that we have apps and design tools that do this with the click of a button the need for Photoshop is minimal. Each design tool differs a bit in its structure and capabilities. I?ll leave it up to you to decide which tool you think is best. The following are the best design tools for non designers that I have found this far.

My 3 Favorite Design Tools

  • Canva
  • Over
  • RelayThat

Who, What, When

When I consider the best design tools for non designers, I want to put the needs and wants of the project at hand in mind. I like to use a different tool for different reasons. Am I looking to remove backgrounds? Remove an image? Add animation? Add video? Creating multiple graphics for Pinterest? When you start creating and designing certain things become important. If you didn?t know it existed, you wouldn?t have known that you were missing it. Get it? LOL. If I didn?t know that there was an option to create animations I wouldn?t need to consider it as one of my wants. Now I know that I want the capabilities to make on brand visual content with ease and simplification.

Most Important Features

  • Brand Kit – saves logos, color palettes, and fonts
  • Resizes for social media platforms
  • Background Eraser

Canva Color Palette

Over Color Palette

Relaythat color palette for workspace

Canva Logo Palette found in same area as Color Palette

Over Logo Palette

Upload logo in Relaythat

Resize in Canva

Resize in Over

View various size options in workspace as well as layouts – Relaythat

Background Eraser in Canva

Background Eraser in Over

Design Tool Comparison

Social Media
AnimationVideosSave &


Over got started in 2012.

For the longest time I was only using Over. It started as an app and I could use it on my iPhone as well as on the iPad.

Over just released its browser tool which now competes with Canva and its desktop ability. I?m not totally in love with the desktop feature yet, though I know they will continue to make updates.

Many times I think its easier to design on a desktop with a bigger screen compared to the smaller size of a cell phone.

In my opinion, Over and Canva are very similar. They both have the greatest function of removing backgrounds. With Over you are removing the background with a masking tool And cursor. In Canva you are removing the background with a background eraser tool. However, with Over you can remove select areas.

I like to use both design tools depending on my needs.

  • Create & Save to Folders
  • Teams
  • Templates
  • Logos
  • Videos & Animation
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Background Eraser – Masking Tool & curser
  • Resize
  • App
  • Browser – just released – could use additional features
  • Color Selector ( identifies hex code)
  • Free images

Over FREEOver
$69.99 / yearly
$9.99 / month


Canva had its beginnings in 2013.

I decided to give Canva a chance when I wanted to find more templates and video options. The great thing was that there were different videos, templates, and stock photos in each tool. I think once Canva added the background eraser feature, it was hands down a necessary design tool.

Canva and Over both have the ability to save, edit, create, and use templates. They also have the ability to create animations, gifs, and videos.

Utilizing all three apps I can do everything I want to do. If one tool doesn?t have a stock photo I like, I will check the other tools to find a better option.

  • Create & Save to Folders
  • Teams
  • Templates
  • Logos
  • Videos & Animation
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Background Eraser
  • Brand Kit
  • Resize
  • App
  • Browser
  • Free images
Canva FREECanva Pro
$12.95 / month


Relaythat is a NEW fav! I?m so excited for the potential of this design tool. Work smarter not harder describes this tool! The greatest feature of this tool is that it can make dozens of different templates with your given elements. Provide your business name, logo, photos, and call to action and with the click of a button you have loads of potential options that you can download and save to your Tailwind app ( or any scheduler). I think that this app is a super helpful tool for businesses who would like to post new content to Pinterest without all the extra work of creating new graphics one by one.

When using relaythat i recommend having your browser up-to-date. I, sometimes, get glitches because my Mac won?t update to the latest Google Chrome Browser.

I like that Relaythat will display dozens of suggested designs with the click of a few buttons. You can scroll and select which designs you like best, save, and upload to your scheduler.

One feature that Relaythat has over Canva and Over is that you can add keywords that will be associated with the images being saved for SEO of images posted online.

  • Templates – Add logo and colors with in each workspace
  • Browser
  • Create Folders
  • Resize
  • Create dozens of designs at one time (The image below shows several designs created just from one workspace in Relaythat).
  • Great for Pinterest
  • Free images
  • Image SEO
$25 / month

Other Design Tools

At times I will use PicMonkey, Adobe Spark, PicsArt app, Ripl app,, and other random apps. As I mentioned I?m always on the lookout for new design tools. You never know what you want in a design tool until you actually know its available.


The best design tools for non designers is determined by the most needed features of the design tools themselves. I can honestly say that I think all three of these design tools, Over, Canva, and RelayThat, are fabulous in and of themselves. There are a couple features that I like over others depending on my projects. I do think that RelayThat could use more features similar to those of Canva and Over. I think that with time they will make more developments in their design tool.

I think that with most design tools there is a bit of a learning curve. I recommend giving yourself time to learn the tools and the associated features. Don?t decide you have to do a project that is due tomorrow in a new to you design tool.

All three of these design tools give you the ability to consistently brand your business with your own colors, images, fonts, and logos. If you need help generating some creative ideas, check out this post titled, ?How to get creative ideas?.

I would love to hear your comments in the comments section below. Let me know what your favorite design tool is and what you love about it.

Xoxo, Jenn

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