Video Pins On Pinterest

Video Pins On Pinterest

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If video pins on Pinterest aren’t part of your Pinterest marketing strategy this year, then they need to be!

Pinterest users have increased to over 450 million users over the past year. That’s more pinners on the platform as well as more creators creating content. It’s a competitive world where content needs to be scroll stopping and engaging. Stagnant pins aren’t going to get your audience clicking so much as video pins that are visually appealing and are vying to be clicked.

Video pins on Pinterest have become the ‘new’ mode of pin design. No longer can simply creating a pin with an engaging image and keyword rich text captivate a pinners attention. You have seconds to catch an eye. Seconds to make an impression that will get your audience to stop, save, or click.

Social media today states, “Pinterest users are 2.6x more likely to make a purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform”. Can you really afford not to integrate video into your Pinterest strategy?

Pinners find themselves engrossed in eye appealing recipe pin videos as they imagine themselves creating the same dish for dinner that evening. Or women find new trending fashions for the upcoming season when they search womens fashion trends for spring and see a boutique owner talking about the latest new arrival. “53% of pinners are more likely to purchase a brand or product after seeing video on Pinterest compared to videos on other media platforms” stated Pinterest. Obviously, there is something to be said about video on Pinterest.

Tailwind recently did a study (2/21) that showed that of “5,000 saves (repins) from a January 2021 study, 30% were video pins.” (read more from Tailwind’s study) What is grabbing attention are how to, step-by-step, and demonstration type videos.

These are not just videos to be watched on a visual search platform but videos that are helping people plan, visually see their future, and inspire them to do something.

Why use videos on Pinterest?

  • Video is eye catching. Attention grabbing. “Video views are up 200% year over year on Pinterest” , which translates to more eyes on video than any other type of pin.
  • Consumers are seeking visually appealing content. What makes users click more than something that appeals to them via a .mov file?
  • A new way to engage with customers. People tend to take on a blind eye as they see the same types of pins populate their Pinterest feed. When you post video on Pinterest you are enticing pinners with new and exciting, visually stimulating content.
  • Create new leads, perhaps increasing conversions. Pinterest states, “85%of weekly Pinners have bought something because of Pins from brands*”. Videos pin appear to be giving pinners a better sense of understanding as to what the product is and how that product can fit into their lives.
  • Provide additional information. Do you ever see an image and want to know more? Video can provide that visual and contextual fulfillment as opposed to static images.
  • Share the latest news, products, services, trends. Do you quickly want to say what is a new arrival, your latest offering, or your up to the minute specials? Video lays it out.
  • Create a connection and build familiarity. Yasmin Sahni states, “By humanizing our brands we can find those connections to consumers much easier, especially on social platforms.” Though Pinterest is a visual search engine, it does have some social media aspects.

What kind of videos to use on Pinterest?

Creating new content to use on Pinterest isn’t inventing the wheel. You can adapt content from your other social media outlets. When you do this, however, you want to make sure it is quality and would be of interest to Pinterest users. Don’t just pin for the sake of pinning.

The following is a list of video platforms that you can adapt to Pinterest video.

  • How to videos – How to videos, explanation, and demonstration videos are great types of videos to use on Pinterest to give people an idea about your product or service. It also gives people an idea about the type of content that your blog or website may offer.
  • Explaination / demonstration
  • Youtube – If you think that the content you just created for YouTube is only for YouTube, you are wrong. Adapt this content to other platforms and save yourself from inventing the wheel. The same type of understanding goes for TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • TikTok
  • Facebook Lives
  • Instagram
  • Slide show – Create a slideshow with different images, photos,infographics, and text. Combine these with text and create a quick slideshow that can also attract attention, show relevant information, and invite clicks to your website.
  • Screen record – Clips of screen recordings and zoom calls can be used to record your video content.
  • Zoom
  • simple – gifs, moving backgrounds – Besides video that you record, you can use stock video, background scenes, gifs, and moving text to increase engagement and catch the users eye.

Take a look through your Pinterest feed and look for video content that stands out. What type of video was used to gain your attention? Can you use this type of idea for your own content?

This link gives you the tech specs in regard to types and sizes of video pins on Pinterest.

Pinterest has also implemented the use of story pins. Within ‘stories’, short how to videos, demonstrations, and inspirations, video as well as static images can be used to make up the content of the pin. Story pins and video are currently the favored content on Pinterest.

Where do you see video pins on Pinterest?

  • home feed
  • following tab
  • search results

If you want to search for video, for example, all I need to do is type, dog video, and I will get search results of videos with dogs. (Super cute, you should check it out)!

Search Results – my search results showed my dog videos. (aren’t they the cutest)?
Home Feed – The video pin here is of the woman with long hair, showing how she applied makeup.
Following Tab – From my following tab, this pin by Tasty for Sheet Pan Dinners 4-ways, showed a video.

Note: You can change your setting to allow video to play on autoplay in your feed. You can also adjust your settings for sound. Click here to read more.

How to put video on Pinterest?

  • manual up load
  • Tailwind

Add video to Pinterest Manually from Pinterest

From your Pinterest business account, click the SAVED tab, then go to the right side of the page and click the + to add a new pin.
From the drop down, Choose PIN as you would to add a regular pin.
Click the up arrow to add your video. Note the size and file type for video. I saved my video to my desktop. Add your title, description, alt text, and destination link. Click the drop down arrow next to publish and choose your most relevant board to publish.

Scheduling Video From Tailwind

From your Tailwind account, the Publisher tab, click the create new pin button.
Upload Photos / videos.
The video loads to Tailwind.
From here you schedule your video similar to scheduling a regular pin.
In Tailwind as of now, you can not add a video pin to ‘communities’. Continue to schedule your content out as you normally would.

Creating a Pinterest Video in Canva

Canva is a design tool that you can use to create graphics for your Pinterest pins as well as other social media platforms. Canva is a FREE tool, however, does have an upgrade. Canva Pro is amazing and has additional features that you may want to utilize for graphic creation. Creating graphics for Pinterest is a routine that you will constantly revisit. Creating video content as well as regular pins is done on a regular basis. Pinterest favors fresh pins. To read more a bout fresh pins, read Fresh Pins on Pinterest.

From Canva, Click the create a design button.
Type Pinterest in the search field and then choose Pinterest video pin.
In this case, we will create a video from a Canva template.
Click on templates and scroll through to find a video template you would like to use. To change the video in the template, click on the video part of the template. Then go over to the videos button on the left side of the screen.
This is the video button.
Type in the search field and look for a video relevant to your content. You can always choose a video, see it play and if you don’t like it, delete, and search again.
In this case I’m searching for ‘dog walking’. My blog post is about training a dog to walk without a leash.

Pinterest even suggests best practices when it comes to video pin design. I suggest following pin design best practices when it comes to designing your pins for Pinterest. For more information about pin design read, Pinterest Pin Design.

Pinterest Video Gifs and Animation

Video is movement. It doesn’t just have to be a movie type clip, it can also be moving text or graphics. Simply elements that will catch someone’s eye as they scroll.

Use Canva or another design program to create and design your pins.

From your Canva homepage, click create a design.
Type Pinterest in the search bar and then choose Pinterest pin. In this case, we will use a Pinterest template created by Canva.
The blank screen loads and you will choose a template from the left side. You can see the Templates tab is selected and you can type in the search field if you wish. Scroll down to All Results and look at your different options. I will pick one as my template.
I chose the cupcake template. From here you can change the image, text, and add your branding. You can select each element by clicking on it. You can tell its selected from the highlighted blue line around the image. I am going to change the background to a dog walking, followed by my dog walking text.

Click the image and click the photos tab. In the search field I typed dog walking. I scroll until I find a dog pic I like. Then select the text box and change each text field.

Click the Animate button. It has a circle with a couple blurred crescents. From animate you can choose what type of animation you would like to use.
Play with these options and see what you like best for your pin.
You can also edit the timing. Increase or decrease the length of time you video plays depending on what you like best. At this time you can only add one animation to your pin.
When you have finished editing your template. Click the drop down arrow next to Publish to Pinterest. Name and save your MP4 video.

This pin is missing a CTA, call to action. Be sure to tell your pinner what they need to do. For example, Read More…

When video pins appear in your feed pinners need to know where to click. If you click just on the video nothing happens. Use gifs such as arrows, signs, text, and other video to increase clicks.

In addition to CTA’s on video, captions / subtitles also help pinners know what the content is about. Many pinners use Pinterest with the sound off.

Indicate that the pinner needs to click on the title of the video. For example, in the above click Cute dogs and puppies!! Needs to be clicked to be taken to the site. Many people will click on the image, think it doesn’t go anywhere, and leave your pin never to have made it to your site. 🙁

Video in Story Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest story pins are great to show how to do something and how something works. Pinterest stories have a frame time limit of 1 minute. If you have a longer video, you will need to break it up into segments and post it accordingly. To read more about Pinterest story pins refer to How To Use Story Pins.

Video Pin Content

Your video pin content, your design and your text, are no different when it comes to creating fresh content on Pinterest. Perhaps you can attract a new audience that may not have found you otherwise. For more information about creating fresh content read, What Are Fresh Pins on Pinterest?

Besides fresh pins, you also need to remember to research keywords for optimal SEO. Keyword research and implementation is also a big part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. To read more about keyword research read, Pinterest Keywords and Pinterest Keywords for Pinterest Traffic.

Video Pins on Pinterest

Now that you have some idea about how much video pins are gaining traction on the social media and visual search platforms, you have no reason to start creating new pins full of gifs and videos!

Be sure to incorporate Pinterest Best Practices into your Video content in Pinterest. Read Pinterest Best Practices for the latest scoop.

Start creating and find out what you like to do most!

Pin for later, How to video coming soon!

If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comments.

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