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Whether you are an influencer, blogger, mompreneur, or entrepreneur, you need to create branded graphics that are an extension of your business and how your business will be identified.

When you create visual graphics for your business logo, brand, social media, or printables such as a marketing kit, you are aligning your brand with its own distinctive, recognizable, visual content.

In a virtual world where content is King, visual content is Queen! Digital information world says,  “Images are a doorway to greater information – they are a valuable keyhole that opens to provide a greater and better view of what’s being written on your blog.”

Bring On the Traffic With Visual Content

Website traffic. Blog traffic. Social media traffic. There are countless digital social networks vying for the attention of bringing traffic, more customers, potential buyers, interested parties, to your unique, personalized media outlets. For example, if you own a boutique. You will need to gain traffic from Facebook, Instagram, your website, blog, and other avenues of marketing and advertising. You will need to create visual graphics for each of these media platforms to target your desired audience and get them to your site.

The visual content that you create will grab your customers attention encouraging them to hop onto your site to purchase that super cute dress you just posted on Pinterest with great big text saying, ‘Summer Dress Sale’, which also links to your website for easy access.  The customer was just engaged by your engaging content to further click on the amazing image to check out the details of the dress sale.  Without visual content the customer would have continued to scroll without stopping.

If you aren’t focusing on super engaging, scroll stopping visual content, you are missing out on loads of traffic from your social outlets. People are moved to take action when they see something visually appealing in a graphic, especially if that reflects something that they need. 

Online business is bigger than it has ever been. As it continues to grow so does the use of images in social media posts. If you don’t have thumb stopping images for Instagram you won’t get the traffic, as a more show stopping image of the same accord.  

Society  (not businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs) is also posting great image content which is then fighting for your attention and competiting with the brands who want business and traffic to their websites.  Your graphics need to upstand all other graphics to bring the traffic to the site or platforms.

By integrating different types of visual graphics such as images, videos, infographics, memes, and screenshots, you are providing your customer with more ways or aspects to see something. If I were looking at the Summer Dress Sale, I may also show dresses of different types, different angles, different lengths.  I may also take these images and put them into a video branded with the stores logo.


Build Familiarity With Visual Content

New Cute Boutique A wants you to buy a dress. You know nothing about New Cute Boutique A. Will you buy from New Cute Boutique A?  As a business ( blogger, influencer, website, etc.) it is your responsibility to build a brand that is recognizable and builds familiarity with the customer.  Well, if you want to be successful, that is.

Ask your customers what they need in a funny meme type post. Give them how to videos on how to wear an item or how a product works. Provide interviews and vlog posts. Build the relationship to show your customer that you are authentic and real.

When your customer keeps seeing consistent, branded content, from your unique brand, they will start to gain more likeability and comfortability to your brand.  You are looking to build a relationship with your customers, where they feel that they are valued and important (part of the family) to your brand.

When a customer sees your logo, brand colors, visuals, they will know just by ‘seeing’ the graphics. If you are scrolling and you see a red dot with a red circle logo, you automatically know that logo is Target. They are immediately known simply by their logo and colors.


Communicate With Visual Graphics

Besides building relationships and bringing traffic to your networks, you are also designing visual content to communicate to and with your audience. You are providing information about your product, yourself, and your brands uniqueness.

New Cute Boutique A needs to communicate with their audience as to who they are (personal photo), the new dress ( visual of dress with text overlay), what other types of products they sell (jewelry, handbags, and accessories), and spreading the information across all social media platforms (that are relevant to their audience).  New Cute Boutique A is also communicating to their audience in a super cute visual graphic with bright bold text, that is on brand, that there is a sale on dresses.

Can you say what you need to say in a graphic rather than in words? Switch up the way your visual graphics communicate to your customer to diversify how they are seeing your content. Your customers will remember the logo, brand colors, graphics more than they will remember what you said. Visual content and graphics can relay emotions more than text alone.

Incorporate Visual Content

Louise Myers of Visual Social Media states, “If you’re not using visual content, you basically don’t exist online. You’re virtually invisible!”

You, as a business of some accord, need to incorporate visual graphics into your day to day operations, especially online (social media platforms and website), marketing materials, and emails. Your customers (audience) will be more attracted to the information than just text, text, text. If I wrote this post and did not incorporate some types of visual graphics would your brain be bored? Would your eyes be less stimulated? Would you feel like you wanted more?

Once you have started ingegrating visual graphics into your networks, start to incorporate some video ( I know, more exciting stuff!!!) If you thought visual graphics were engaging, take a look at videos. Eye catching, scroll stopping, and click worthy!

A picture tells a thousand words… what will you create?

Comment below with your experiences and thoughts …

Xoxo, Jenn


Help With Visual Content

If you would like any help creating Pinterest graphics, please email me: or check out my Pinterest design services.

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